Marrakech’s Jamaa El Fnaa Among Best 17 Squares in the World

Rabat – Dutch Website Skyscanner has listed the famous square of Jamaa El-Fna in Marrakech among the most alluring squares to visit in the world. In an article entitled “The 17 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World,” Marrakech came tenth in the list.With its exotic and magic festival-like atmosphere, Jamaa El-Fna continues to fascinates its visitors and mesmerize their senses with its smells, colors, and sounds. The website says it as “a magical world” where you never feel you had enough of its scenes of “snake charmers, and storytellers who take you into the realms if their imaginative worlds.”Tourists, the websites goes on, can take some of that magical world back home by “strolling along the many stalls and buy jewelry, pillows in colorful Moroccan style, and dress.” For those who want to taste Moroccan tea with the mint, the many cafes surrounding the square offer the best mint tea.Jamaa El-Fna has been listed among the best attractions in the world by many other travel websites such as Project for Public Spaces Website where Jamaa El-Fna came first, the CultureTrip Website where Jamaa El-Fna came fifth, and Worldofwonderlust where it first ahead many famous places across the globe. read more

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