Man who met Ross Cummins on night he died raises money for

first_imgIn light of the tragic death of Ross Cummins this weekend and Jonny Byrne I have decided to set up a charity event whereby instead of downing a pint on your neknomination, you can donate the price of a pint to Alcohol Action Ireland.“I’m completely off the drink now myself until I raise €500,” he added. He has raised €92 of his target so far and his MyCharity event can be found here.A number of other spin-off campaigns have been started following on from the deaths of the two men as people film themselves doing good deeds and nominating friends to do the same. Ógra Fianna Fáil have also encouraged young people to donate a pint of blood, instead of drinking a pint of beer as part of the game.Read: Neknomination ‘just one small aspect’ of Ireland’s harmful drinking culture>Read: ‘Will it take my brother’s death for people to realise how stupid neknomination is?’>Read: Young people warned away from ‘very dangerous’ Neknominations> A YOUNG MAN who met 22-year-old Ross Cummins the night he died has started a fundraising drive, asking people to donate the price of a pint to Alcohol Action Ireland instead of drinking it.25-year-old Daniel Scully told that he met Cummins for the first time, out drinking with friends at the Living Room bar on Friday night.“It would have been the first night I met him – I got on so well with him,” he said. “I added him on Facebook on the way home and then when I found out I was completely shocked.”“I was just really upset that a young life like that could just be gone,” he added.A number of reports have said the young DJ’s death was linked to a neknomination but Scully said “it definitely wasn’t”. However his death is believed to have been alcohol related.After hearing news on Saturday night that 19-year-old Jonny Byrne passed away after jumping into a river in Carlow as part of the drinking game, Scully decided to do something positive.In his MyCharity event, which he set up yesterday, he says:last_img read more

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