The Story of a Smokejumper with Airborne Firefighter Jason Ramos

center_img 1 of 2 Previous Next These three products are my picks for best new gear: The DMOS Collective Stealth Shovel — for almost three decades, I’ve been searching for a shovel that can handle rescue, snow, and loose debris. The DMOS Stealth and Alpha offer a U.S.-made, professional, lightweight, collapsible, incredibly strong shovel  that can be deployed for various types of missions.Portable solar just keeps getting better with companies that have a real passion for what they do — like Texenergy, who offers a portable wind turbine to power banks designed by professionals.My most important gear, however, is my personal protective equipment (PPE). If it fails, I’m not able to provide the best service I can. All gear does have a breaking point, but I pride myself in researching and purchasing the best. I use all natural fibers — merino wool and hopefully Qiviut someday — due to the huge benefits in contrast to synthetic fibers, which can be a magnet for bacteria. Good boots, merino wool socks, top-tier sunglasses, specific cold and hot weather gear … and of course good lip balm. If you take the time and resources to locate the best gear, you will be able to perform at a much higher level to get the project or mission complete.And for those who are interested, my favorite meal after a long shift is Spam with rice and black beans with a melted Snickers bar for dessert. Image courtesy of Jason Ramos On the Road with Mikah Meyer, the First Person to Visit Every National Park Site in One Trip How to Make Loco Moco, a Hawaiian Staple Dish The Ultimate Guide on How to Shape a Beardlast_img read more

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