Concerns raised over media exposé on Sri Lankans in Saudi Arabia

However, the Embassy said that its attention has been drawn to some recent video clips and comments circulating in the media. “We highly appreciate such activities, as proper information, feedback and constructive proposals would benefit us in numerous ways in our action to provide services to all stakeholders,” the Embassy said. Concerns have been raised over a media exposé on a group of Sri Lankans employed in Saudi Arabia.The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia said that both in the past and present, print, electronic and social media have played a proactive role in disseminating and publishing information about foreign employment related issues and concerns.  “After evaluating these video clips and comments, this Embassy has decided to draw the kind attention of all concerned parties and underline that the final objective we all are working on is to serve people better, while safeguarding the interests of our clients, the officials and above all our country. We recall that in the past, media has highlighted issues and helped the Embassy and other authorities to swiftly attend to them and to achieve desired results. But there are some instances that this process has not worked as desired and the end result was further victimizing the people who are already in distress and even strained bilateral relations between countries,” the Embassy added.The Embassy said that the video clips and comments that went viral in the past weeks could be seen as highly irresponsible and unethical acts by individuals or groups.  “First, they have callously disregarded the other implications including suffering and social stigma that may face by the families of the Sri Lankan workers who were appeared in these videos.  Second, they have ignored the fact that these acts could also disrupt the ongoing official processes in addressing concerns of these migrant workers. Therefore, this Embassy would like to appeal to all concerned parties, in refraining from committing these types of acts. Instead, we encourage to share all such video clips and information with the authorities such as the Embassy who could act on them and work for the benefit of Sri Lankan migrant workers,” teh Sri Lankan Embassy said.While confirming that the Embassy will be looking into all the issues that are being brought to its notice to the best of their abilities, they once again appealed to all concerned parties to be diligent and supportive in bringing up issues and concerns of all Sri Lankan migrant workers. (Colombo Gazette) read more

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Shocked Blind Date contestants reunite 25 years later on the Tube

first_img“I literally freaked out when we both realised it was from Blind Date.”He added: “She hasn’t changed in 25 years, she’s effervescent and beautiful. She’s clearly looked after herself.”  The pair enjoyed a date together 25 years ago  blind date  Two contestants from the original Blind Date series had a surprise reunion when they bumped into each other on the Tube on a night out – 25 years after they first met.Howard Griffiths was on his way home on the Central Line after meeting a friend for a drink when three women got on the Tube and sat down opposite him. On their Blind Date Credit:Howard Griffiths‏  One of the women was Brigette, who the TV presenter picked back in October 1992 on the nation’s favourite dating show hosted by Cilla Black.He shared a video of their surprise reunion on Twitter, admitting: “I’m still in shock!” Howard Griffiths‏  🎬🎥You won’t believe this! Just randomly met #Brigette who I picked on @ITV #BlindDate 25 years ago, on the #CentralLine #SmallWorld 🏹❤️🙏🏻x— Howard Griffiths (@HowardGriffiths) August 24, 2017 Blind Date Howard on Blind Date with Cilla Black Credit:Howard Griffiths blind date last_img read more

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