5 Reasons You Should Be Embracing the Tongue Scraper

first_img The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now The Absolute Worst Movies to Watch with a Date Expert Pitmaster Tips on How to Smoke a Brisket at Home The tongue not only helps us mash and chew food, it’s also responsible for letting us experience the soothing bitter of black coffee, the tart snap of sour apple, and the deep richness of perfectly cooked steak — it’s time we start showing it the love it deserves come cleaning time.For centuries, we humans have been brushing and flossing our way to better breath to avoid the sudden stank-face and awkward conversations associated with halitosis. You may think you’re doing plenty by brushing the surface of your tongue when you brush your teeth, but to properly pamper this little muscle, you need to amp up your arsenal with a tool that Eastern cultures have been embracing as part of effective oral hygiene since ancient times: the tongue scraper.  Here are five reasons why you should be scraping your tongue every day:It’s Better Than BristlesHalitosis is typically caused by bacteria that congregate to feast on the bounty of postnasal drip that regularly collects at the back of your tongue. As they chow down, the bacteria leave behind a cocktail of compounds that produce that familiar, face-twisting bad breath bite. To build a proper defense against these compounds, you need the right tool. While a toothbrush is perfectly designed to bend and scrub around the hard surfaces of your teeth, its soft bristles just don’t cut it on the textured, flexible surface of the tongue.  The sturdiness of a scraper means it can easily dislodge bacteria and debris from the tiny bumps and valleys on your tongue, and recent studies have shown that this simple tool swap can result in up to a 30 percent decrease in the production of compounds that cause bad breath.It Gets Rid of Ghost TongueAppearance isn’t everything, but let’s face it: the pale film that develops on the top of an untamed tongue doesn’t look good on anyone.  This film is caused by debris that is deposited on the surface of your tongue as your digestive system de-toxifies after a hard day’s work.  Boost your oral hygiene routine by adding a tongue scraper and boost your appearance at the same time: as the scraper removes the bacteria and debris, your tongue will return to its happy, healthy, perfectly-pink self!It Makes a Great Travel BuddyWhether it’s a road trip, business trip, or just a touch of wanderlust, you can’t always expect to take your grooming routine with you wherever you go.  While you may not be able to bring your full grooming arsenal on every trip, a tongue scraper makes a perfect travel buddy no matter where you’re going or how you’re getting there.  Light, compact, and made of metal or plastic, they can be easily slipped into a bag or pocket for easy travel.  You don’t have to break your bucket list budget to bring this little pal along, either – you can pick one up on Amazon for less than $10It Helps Keep Your Motor RunningStarting your day with a tongue scraping isn’t just a great way to keep the horrors of halitosis at bay — the benefits of this quick addition to your morning routine stay with you all day long.  Scraping the surface of your tongue activates saliva production, getting your juices flowing first thing in the morning and aiding in digestion throughout your entire day.It’s Faster Than Typing an EmailA proper tongue scraping only takes a matter of seconds: push the end of the scraper to the back of your tongue, press down gently, and pull forward. Repeat this process until the scrape is clean and you’ve done your whole mouth a world of good in less time than it will take you to reply to your first email of the day.Buy a Tongue ScraperArticle originally published February 25, 2017. Last updated July 26, 2018. Editors’ Recommendations The Best Pillows Designed With Stomach Sleepers In Mind 10 Classic Vodka Cocktail Recipes You Can Mix at Home last_img read more

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Worldscale Association Sets 2015 Bunker Prices

first_imgzoom IllustrationIn anticipation of higher freight costs triggered by more stringent environmental regulations for Emmision Control Areas due in 2015, the Worldscale Association has announced new bunker prices and fixed rate differentials for 2015.As of January 2015 all ships within ECA zones,  the Baltic and North Seas and waters off North America, will have to implement the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) regulations which limit the sulfur content in fuel oil to 0.1%.According to the Worldscale Association,  low sulfur (0.1% sulfur) Baltic and North Sea ECA and European in-port bunker allowances will be USD 920.75/mt.The allowances in North American and Caribbean ECA zones will be USD 920.75/mt.The association is quoted by Platts as saying in a circular that the bunker prices that will be used for calculating other 2015 Worldscale flat rates will be USD 614.81/mt.Also, fixed differentials will be used to calculate additional freight due in connection with voyages involving ECA areas.“The differential in the Baltic and North Sea ECA zone will be USD 48.35 per mile of the voyage steamed within the zone.In the North American and Caribbean ECA zones the fixed differential will be USD 65.31 per mile of the voyage steamed within the zone,” Platts cited the association as saying.Source: Platts, October 10, 2014last_img read more

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PJD Members Dismiss Rumors of Government Split

Casablanca – Members of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) are denying rumors that the party is divided over a call to withdraw from the government.Claims were recently floated that PJD members launched a new call, dubbed “Heart”, to withdraw from the current government headed by Saad Eddine Othmani, and that this resulted in rift within the party because party members holding ministerial portfolios categorically rejected the initiative.The Moroccan daily newspaper, Assabah, reported Monday that proponents of the proposal, mostly followers of former Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane, called upon the party to convene an exceptional session of its National Council in order to “arrive at a final decision in regards to withdrawing from the government.” Indeed, Anass Hayouni, a member of the PJD’s National Council and head of the party in Germany, affirmed that the party should seriously consider pulling out from the government in response to the development of the situation following the unrest in the northern city of Al Hoceima.A member of the Justice and Development party that preferred to remain anonymous told Morocco World News that these claims have no foundation in reality, as it is the personal proposition “of a few individuals,” and it that was “not met by any consideration within the party.”There are two ways the government could be dissolved: either the government resigns from its duties, or the parliament is dissolved.It is very unlikely that dissolving the parliament could take place, as the constitution specifies that re-elections must be held within two months. It is a long expensive process that all the parties avoided during the political deadlock following Benkirane’s appointment at the Head of the Government in October.When asked about the possibility for the government to resign, which does not necessitate re-election, the PJD member pointed out that “the context does not call for such a decision”, and it would only mean relegating the party to the opposition, which the member said would mean “the voters’ democratic choice would be undermined.”Throughout the unrest in Al Hoceima, the government has been criticized for not taking any tangible action to respond to the mass protests. The wave of popular dissatisfaction began after secretary-generals of some parties constituting the government majority accused the protestors of being separatists. The subsequent retraction by the government and affirmations that the protests were valid calls of reform did not manage to temper protests were valid calls of reform did not manage to temper the dissatisfaction. read more

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