Microsoft to allow Xbox One selfpublishing every console can be a debug

first_imgAfter Microsoft pulled the Xbox 180 and dispensed with all of its draconian always-on and used games DRM, the console became much more appealing, though still employed some other unfortunate policies. Microsoft has announced it will remove yet another one of those unappealing policies, and will allow game developers to self-publish on the Xbox One.The report originally came from GameInformer, and was then confirmed by Xbox vice president Marc Whitten. Publishers will no longer be charged a fee to update their games, and they can set their own release dates and pricing models. Along with these changes, Microsoft will also be overhauling its much-maligned certification process. Rather than performing an extensive check of a submission’s code, it will instead only look for significant bugs and terms of service violations. The end result of this change will be a speedy two-week turnaround.Another bombshell is that each and every Xbox One can be turned into a debug unit. Microsoft would simply authorize a specific console to be able to play pre-release code, which means self-publishing developers could more easily test their games considering they wouldn’t need specialized hardware. GameInformer also claims that Microsoft will be able to provision 25,000 users per software beta test, which makes a self-publisher’s testing period even easier.All of this, of course, is great news for indie developers who want to get in on the Xbox One side of the spectrum, and will perhaps put Microsoft back into the good graces of indie developers. Whitten said Microsoft will divulge more details regarding these changes during Gamescom in August.last_img read more

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