Archos 13inch FamilyPad tablet will crush laps laugh at undersized bags

first_imgArchos is adding a new member to its “Arnova” tablet line-up, and this one’s a real beast. So much so that the MW13 FamilyPad sports a 13.3-inch display. That puts the FamilyPad in the very select company of the Toshiba Excite 13, as most other manufacturers still haven’t ventured beyond the ten-inch tablet space.As you may have guessed from the rulers, the FamilyPad recently checked in at the FCC for a battery of tests. Not all of the tablet’s hardware secrets were laid bare, but a few key details were revealed. For starters, the MW13 will be powered by an AllWinner A10 processor. That’s the same one found in the MK802 Android stick PC, and it means that this tablet isn’t going to challenge the Excite 13 in terms of sheer performance. It does, however, mean that it’s going to be a lot cheaper.Storage capacities of 8GB and 16GB will be offered, which again hints that the FamilyPad won’t break the Arnova’s budget mold. The tablet also features front and rear-facing cameras — though it’s hard to imagine playing an AR game, snapping pictures, or recording your cat doing something hilarious with a tablet this size.The FamilyPad also has dual USB ports, HDMI output, and SD card expansion.The 10-inch Arnova 10 G2 currently sells for about $150, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the company price this 13.3-inch behemoth at around $200 for the 8GB model.There’s a very good chance that Archos will be showing the FamilyPad off at IFA in Berlin, so we should know more about it in just a couple of weeks.More information at the FCC, via Engadgetlast_img read more

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