Enjoy a spaceship simulator in the back of a dark windowless van

first_imgYour parents, teachers, friends, and Friday night two-minute commercial spots in between Full House and Family Matters always told you not to get into a vehicle with strangers. At the London Hackspace, though, a team of creative builders cobbled together a spaceship simulator that operates from within a darkened, windowless RV.The sim, unlike Epcot’s incredibly lifelike Mission: Space, seems to operate more like a tangible round of iOS party game hit, Spaceteam, rather than something that makes you feel like you’re being shot off into space. Different players operate unique stations from the interior of an RV that was modified to resemble something like a small spaceship.The idea behind the sim, dubbed the LHS Bikeshed, starts off as simple flight and weapons training, but like with any good theme park ride, something goes terribly wrong and the crew must improvise in order to survive. The simulator took creators Charles Yarnold, Christopher Paton, and Tom Wyatt around two-and-a-half months to build, and is made possible thanks to the help of Arduino, Unity, and simulated spacefaring ingenuity.In practice, the simulator is very similar to Spaceteam, in that everyone yells out commands at their teammates, and the teammates have to fiddle with various implements in order to keep the spaceship in working order. Making the idea of someone asking you if you want to see their spaceship while leading you toward their windowless RV even less enticing, there is a handwritten note taped to the door stating advertising free space training.The team will be taking the simulator to mini Maker Fairs around the UK, as well as other spots where they feel like giving people a go at the rig. For more information about the LHS Bikeshed, check out its blog.last_img read more

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