Operation DarkNet sees child porn sites taken offline by Anonymous

first_imgIn a move that would make Chris Hansen proud, Anonymous members have successfully shut down one of the largest child pornography hosts on the Internet. Lolita City and about 40 other sites hosted by Freedom Hosting had their servers taken offline — and Anonymous vowed in a statement to continue the hunt and strike down any server it finds to be hosting, promoting, or supporting child pornography.The Freedom Hosting servers were originally taken down in the wee hours on October 14th, but administrators managed to restore backups and restore service by the following afternoon. They even re-doubled security, but Anonymous returned and shut them down a second time.Anonymous originally zeroed in on Freedom Hosting after some of its “members” found offending images on a Wiki site lurking in the shadows of the Tor network — where Freedom Hosting was also keeping its CP-peddling clients hidden. Tor’s network has loads of practical uses — such as helping users in countries where internet censorship is imposed by the government. Abusing a tool that Anonymous utilizes and champions is ill advised in an year where hacktivism has become commonplace, and that’s a big part of what put Freedom Hosting and customers like Lolita City in the firing line.As Graham Cluley points out over on the Sophos Blog, the takedown certainly seems like awesome news, but there could be a major downside. It’s possible that law enforcement agencies could have been investigating Freedom Hosting and the operators and members of the affected sites. If Anonymous’ actions have thrown a wrench into the works and interrupted or derailed those operations, this could be a net loss in the battle against child pornography.More at Sophoslast_img read more

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