Atlético-Leganés Simeone: “I was bitten as a player; people are critical”

first_imgFirst with work. You have to look for alternatives and solutions in the decisions that I have to choose what you see best for the team. We have a week to find calm and I have an important staff, we will recover some guys, which will be good for us to have more competition and we must introduce ourselves on Saturday with the intention of winning the game.Do you notice a change in energy?The people today were extraordinary again. You are responsible and excited, because the team came from after matches outside after making an important Super Cup. We played two games out in a row that didn’t go well, with two losses, but people are always fine. I have no doubt that at other times these games were lost and the positive atmosphere of the people meant that we could have a competitive second half.Do you think there are doubts about your figure?I am always very respectful of what people think. It was my turn to be whistled in my second stage, where it was not right and everyone can touch it, since people come to see their team win. When the results do not come out, it is normal for people to get angry and that makes us responsible. You have to take solutions.There seems to be anxiety in the team.It is normal that after two defeats in a row and playing at home the team goes out with necessity and acceleration, that there are times that makes you choose badly and be blocked. It happens to all the teams in the world and to us also in the first part. Already in the second there was more calm, at the first play there was a chance to score and there were more options for associative play.How have you seen Cuellar’s attitude?I did not see what the goalkeeper of the rival team did and when I turned around Germán told me that he had been expelled. We are here to try to solve the game, not set the guidelines for the rhythms of the game. We do not value what the opponent does.What do you say to people who don’t believe in Simeone?I can’t tell the agent anything, you have to prove with facts and not with words. Do the words are gone with the wind.Are things forgiven that others would not?I don’t believe it, what will they forgive me? The match: “Stability is not given by names. It happens to generate the attention of playing as in the second half. ”Trust Issue: “The first thing is work. And then I choose what I see best. We have a week to regain calm, which is necessary in football. I have an important template. On Saturday we will introduce ourselves (at the Bernabéu) with enthusiasm to win. ”Lack of energy: “People excite you, compromise and hold you accountable. We came from two games outside that didn’t work out for us and the audience was fine. At other times, these matches were lost. We were able to win in the second half. ”Doubts with Simeone: “I am respectful of everyone. I was beaten because I was not well in my second time. People are critical when the team does not win. I have to find solutions. ”Anxiety: “It’s normal that we go out with acceleration. And that makes us choose wrong. It happens to all the teams in the world. In the second part we were calmer. We had a chance soon and it helped. ”Afterwards, the technician appeared in the press room.“The change does not go by names, but by the intention of playing”“I have no doubt that at other times these games were lost,” said Simeone. The Argentine coach was disgusted with the bad streak that the team is going through. “You have to look for alternatives and solutions in the decisions that touch me.”They could not get the victory.Once again in the first half we couldn’t play the game we wanted. The second was closer to what we were looking for with some dangerous situation and the feeling that there was the possibility of winning the game. We are left with that, with continuing to work for the stability that names don’t give you. In Eibar we started as the second part of today and the same thing happened to us as in this first time, so they do not go by names but by the intention of playing as in the end.How do you recover confidence?last_img read more

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