Never Too Late to Say ‘I Do’

first_imgNo matter how old you are, like Mr. & Mrs. James Doe, or how long you’ve been dating the father of your children and watching their children grow until you have become a great grandparent, there is always a chance that that reluctant lover will one day say ‘I do.’An intriguing love story has inspired us at LIB Life to tell its narrative. It is about a couple who has been together for 40 years, gave birth to seven children and finally ending up with 16 grandchildren and one great grand – a Brady Bunch sized family that went through most of their life living ‘legally’ as a couple, but without the wedding rings to match.In Liberia, it is somewhat unthinkable to ask a couple who has spent almost their entire lives together if they are legally married, especially when everyone calls their serious boyfriend and girlfriend ‘my husband’ and ‘my wife.’ It’s hard to figure out whether they are telling the truth, or not.Mrs. Lucia L. MorWaker and Pa Pa James Weah Doe (as he is affectionately called) married recently at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Peal, where he works. Pa Pa James was once the caregiver of the late William Thomas, uncle of Mrs. Emily Guegbeh Peal. The two newlyweds have been together for 40 years, prior to tying the knot!During the wedding, there were scenes of exceeding joy across the table as the Mombo and Tarloh families extended their thanks and appreciation for all the services Pa Pa had rendered the late Uncle William. Long overdue in a formal sense, Mr. & Mrs. James Doe extended their appreciation to Amb. & Mrs. Dew Tuan Wleh Mayson, Captain Samuel Mayson, Dr. & Mrs. Robert Mayson, the Mombo and Tarloh families and the Weah Doe children for a grand and splendid wedding.Meanwhile, the question is, why did they waited so long to tie the knot? Though our reporter was unable to ask the couple directly, in Liberia there is a tendency for couples to invest years, even decades in a relationship without getting married.Just because a man and a woman plays house for many years, that does not mean they’ll get married or even stay faithful to one another during those years. In most cases, a few men who were asked why they spent so many years with the same women, but didn’t marry them said that their decision not to marry was based on their income.“I need money to marry. First there is the wedding fee, buying the food and drinks and making sure my wife looks good that day. After that, I can’t take her to the same place we have been living before we got married; therefore, I have to have money to be able to move my family to a better place.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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