BioShock Infinite steampunk case mod opens dimensional portal to your heart

first_imgYou finished BioShock Infinite, and after sifting through the wealth of very complex and contradictory feelings the game left you with, you decided to immortalize Irrational’s latest epic tale on the very platform on which you played it — the PC. Unfortunately, just like deciphering the impact of the game’s ending, you don’t know where to begin. Thankfully, modder FlashGordon has created a very detailed, extremely intricate PC case mod for the game that you can use as inspiration for your design.The computer began its life as something of a bench case — the AeroCool StrikeX-Air PC Open Case — in order to get its irregular shape. FlashGordon then made individual decorative and usable components and slapped them all over the case. From staple steampunk items like superfluous dials and knobs, to fancy lights and portholes providing a view of the machine’s internal organs, the case has everything you’d expect from a steampunk motif — not counting some goggles and a huge brown top hat.The rig also has a very intricately detailed steampunk keyboard, as well as a matching monitor. The case mod isn’t specifically decorated with BioShock Infinite paraphernalia, and you most likely wouldn’t be able to tell the design is in honor of the game if you didn’t look at the accompanying BioShock Infinite wallpaper loaded on the desktop. However, the mod is certainly in the spirit of the game, aside from the fact that it isn’t floating in the sky or ripping holes through the multiverse.As for the computer’s guts, it contains a Core i7 3930K CPU, two GTX680 video cards with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, a 1200W power supply, a (surprisingly meager) 120GB SSD teaming up with a (less meager) 1TB HDD, 16GB of RAM, and an ocean of water cooling. So, yes, it is able to play Infinite on Ultra.For those craving detail, FlashGordon documented the process every step of the way, with an album containing a little under 700 photos of the rig. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY BioShock Infinite case modBioShock Infinite case modCase mod lightsCase mod portholeCase mod statsCase mod gearsCase mod lights offCase mod lights onKeyboard kickstandKeyboard and monitorSteampunk keyboardlast_img read more

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