India Today Conclave East 2017 Day 2: Live updates

first_imgHighlight185: And with that we come to the end of the two-day India Today Conclave East 2017. We hope you had a great time.#Highlight184: Depression happens for various reasons. It is a part of everybody’s evolution and it is absolutely normal: Sabyasachi.#Highlight183: I suffered depression and attempted suicide in the past. It was because of adjustment issues as I came from an idealistic world: Sabyasachi.#Highlight182: When life is super-fast, everyone becomes dysfunctional: Sabyasachi.# Highlight181: Sleep is a luxury for me, as I don’t get enough: Sabyasachi.#Highlight180: I come from a family that has values. My father lives a simple life: Sabyasachi.#Highlight179: My success in fashion is because of my perspective of an outsider: Sabyasachi.#Highlight178: Sanjay Leela Bhansali is theatrical and I am a realist. Indeed both of us are maximalists: Sabyasachi.#Highlight177: If I save enough I will make film in about next 3 years: Sabyasachi.#Highlight176: I don’t do charity, because it is not sustainable, I believe in creating employment: Sabyasachi.#  Highlight175: I was a very good student, scored 100 per cent in Mathematics: Sabyasachi.#  Highlight174: When you really believe in what you do, the world conspires to assist you: Sabyasachi.# Highlight173: I am a very happy-go-lucky person, always felt I had zero ambitions: Sabyasachi.#  Highlight172: I had a life like an enchanted paradise. It is my childhood that made me who I am: Sabyasachi.#Highlight171: We had singing lessons on our way to school in childhood: Sabyasachi.#Highlight170: My brand is steeped in nostalgia. We don’t have time today to create beauty like in the old days: Sabyasachi.#advertisementHighlight169: Luxury is something that is rarefied. Something that is most rarefied nowadays is time: Sabyasachi.#   Highlight168: Sensuality is the slowest burner, stays for a long time. I believe in creating a brand that celebrates sensuality: Sabyasachi.#Highlight167: Everybody wants to invest in things that are traditional and timeless: Sabyasachi.#Highlight166: There are no cheap solutions in fashion: Sabyasachi.#Highlight165: The business of fashion has only one mandate – you make money by feeding on the insecurities of the customer: Sabyasachi.#Highlight164: Customisation or ‘bastardisation’ troubles Indian designers all the time: Sabyasachi.#Highlight163: There are two kinds of consumers – one that buy a brand because they believe in it and another that simply wants to buy the brand: Sabyasachi.#Highlight163: Women today are more comfortable with their bodies: Sabyasachi on body-shaming.#Highlight162: I don’t understand this hypocrisy, Indian men and women are sensuous: Sabyasachi on controversy over Deepika’s Padmavati attire.#Highlight161: Internet has made us demand creativity at the press of a button: Sabyasachi.#Highlight160: When mediocrity is in abundance, people go back to the authentic: Sabyasachi on social media trends.#  Highlight159: Fashion has been replaced with stylish. It is more inward nowadays: Sabyasachi.#Highlight158: Internet has made people confident consumers: Sabyasachi.#Highlight157: As money became more democratic, luxury became defined by abstracts like culture: Sabyasachi.#Highlight156: I fall in the category of ‘I love India’ : Sabyasachi.#Highlight155: India is divided in two halves – I love India and I am not sure if I want to be Indian: Sabyasachi.#Highlight154: Bengal is not a state its a country in itself. Bengalis might not have a penny, but they will have a pocketful of pride: Sabyasachi.#Highlight153: The next session is The Sabyasachi Woman – At Home With The World.#Highlight152: We believe in diversity, says Rijiju when asked about the debate over beef consumption.#Highlight151: PM Modi is the fittest politician in the country: Rijiju#Highlight150: Working out is very important physical as well as mental health: Rijiju on viral pull-up video#Highlight149: India won’t be cowed down, but won’t intimidate it smaller neighbours either: Rijiju# Highlight148: Like many previous Indian leaders have said, there is enough space for India and China to exist together: Rijiju# Highlight147: On China, Rijiju says won’t like to put extra spin on the issue except to say talks with respect to border disagreements are going on.# Highlight146: Unless you bring about a change vis-a-vis the policy with neighbouring states, the lives of people in border states won’t change: Kiren Rijiju.# Highlight145: Dream of making India a superpower won’t happen without the development of the northeast: Kiren Rijiju.#Highlight144: The next session is Act East: India as a Superpower with Kiren Rijiju.#Highlight143: In present scenario, the RSS is sometimes more Left than Left itself: Akhil Ranjan Dutta.#Highlight142: Left, sometimes, becomes very parochial and inward: Akhil Ranjan Dutta.#Highlight141: The Left should re-look its theoretical and ideological framework to reinvent itself: Moinul Hassan.#advertisementHighlight140: The Left which once attracted intellectuals is today riddled with mediocrity: Prasenjit Bose.#Highlight139: The perception that Left has destroyed the culture of West Bengal is baseless and wrong: Moinul Hassan.#Highlight138: In terms of industrialisation and employment, the Mamata government has failed completely: Prasenjit Bose.#Highlight137: The Left should be aligning with the present gender, transgender and farmer movements to be relevant today: Akhil Ranjan Dutta.# Highlight136: China believes that to be rich is glorious. Left should negotiate with the changing perception of the youth: Akhil Ranjan Dutta.#Highlight135: The Left should have amended the colonial land acquisition act much earlier: Prasenjit Bose.#Highlight134: Before Singur and Nandigram, in Bengal acres of land acquired by state underwent development on the policies of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya: Moinul Hassan.#Highlight133: There are deviations that crept in the Left over time: Prasenjit Bose on the disconnect with masses.#Highlight132: There is a vast difference between China and West Bengal: Moinul Hassan.#Highlight131: CPI (M) has not been able to adopt to the changing world affairs in the last few years: Prasenjit Bose.# Highlight130: On the stage: Economist Prasenjit Bose, acdemic Akhil Ranjan Dutta, Moinul Hassan, CPI(M) Leader#Highlight129: Coming next: Left Behind?: The Road Ahead#Highlight128: I think I am the only northeastern who’s doing so well, but commercially I am still struggling: Supermodel Ketholeno Kense Vihienuo#  Highlight127: The government has not been an active participant in promoting jewellery or textile trade in eastern India: Jeweller Raj Mahtani# Highlight126: We need design-based institutes who will work with textiles in the east: Designer duo Dev r Nil# Highlight125: We have a minister who is very receptive to new ideas, says designer Madhu Jain, referring to Smriti Irani.#Highlight124: The next session is Cutting Edge Fashion: The Eastern Style.# Highlight123: There is a lot of talent, lawyers and experts in the Indian Parliament: Derek O’Brien.#Highlight122: It is time the Indian Parliament makes and follows a Parliamentary calendar: Derek O’Brien on delayed Winter Session.#Highlight121: All of us who are complaining that the media is not free, let us celebrate India Today Conclave East  2017: Derek O’Brien.#Highlight120: We owe the next generation a better environment, health, and education: Dinesh Trivedi.#Highlight119: Arun Jaitley, Mamata Banerjee, Shashi Tharoor are the most admirable MPs according to the youth participants.#Highlight118: Derek O’Brien engages in a debate on minimum educational qualification for MPs with youth participants.#  Highlight117: The next session is Inside Parliament: Question Hour with Derek O’Brien.#Highlight116: Films Nude and S Durga were snubbed at international film festival without any reason: Dhritiman Chaterji.# Highlight115: As a country we are not willing to accept the truth:  Vivek Agnihotri.#Highlight114: Outrage is because impunity has been encouraged and practiced by politicians: Dhritiman Chaterji on Padmavati.#Highlight113: Freedom is a relative word and certainly there are some restrictions to it: Dhritiman Chaterji.#Highlight112: Give Censor Board an army of its own: Anuvab Pal on Padmavati row#Highlight111: Problem with Padmavati is the notion that Alauddin Khilji is being glorified in it: Vivek Agnihotri.#advertisementHighlight110: Outrage over the film is unnecessary and this could claim so many lives:  Anik Dutta.#Highlight109: When someone asks for a bounty it is a crime, I hope the state takes note of this: Anuvab Pal.# Highlight108: People who have the power to influence are to be blamed for the narrative: Vivek Agnihotri on Padmavati.#Highlight107: Padmavati controversy has given mileage to Karni Sena, producers and the media: Vivek Agnihotri.#Highlight106: We are a messed up society, very rarely will you find a nation with so much disparities: Vivek Agnihotri.#Highlight105: Bhansali is not someone who would make a film deliberately to hurt anyone: Dhritiman Chaterji on Padmavati.#Highlight104: Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a dedicated filmmaker interested in details and scale: Dhritiman Chaterji.#Highlight103: Next session is Arts and Expression: The Creative Licence.#Highlight102: Bengali weddings, on the other hand, are like funerals: Pal#Highlight106: Punjabi weddings are superb! Wedding happens in south Delhi, people in Ludhiana dance: Pal#Highlight105: In Bengal, shopkeepers are upset to see customers: Pal#Highlight104: Bengalis like to sound like the love-child of Shashi Tharoor and Karan Thapar: Pal#Highlight103: For Bengalis the one thing that’s most important is speaking English properly: Pal#Highlight102: Bengalis are not a warrior people, because in the event of a war, we just write about the war: Pal#Highlight101: Now on stage is stand-up comedian Anuvab Pal who will try to answer the most complicated question in the world: What is a Bengali?#   Highlight100: There were no taxes on sweets earlier in West Bengal: Sudip Mallick.#  Highlight99: Division over food has failed in the east, people here are more affected by note ban and GST: DebBarma.#Highlight98: I have seen BJP leaders eat beef and Brahmins eat mutton and fish. Food is unique to each region: DebBarma.#Highlight97: As a Hindu it is my Dharma not to object to others preferences: DebBarma on beef consumption.#  Highlight96: Bengalis by nature tend to own anything they find interesting and improvise it according to their palette: DebBarma.#  Highlight95: Bengal Rosogolla is different from Oriya Rosogolla: Sudip Mallick.#Highlight94: When it comes to food, Bengalis are inclusive. Biryani has become a staple food here: Atri Bhattacharya.#Highlight93: Bengali women owe their beauty to the fish in their diet: Moubani Sorcar.#Highlight92: BJP’s selective approach to beef consumption is their hypocrisy: DebBarma.#Highlight91: I will not vote for a government that stops me from having the food of my choice: Atri Bhattacharya.#Highlight90: When it comes to food hygiene is paramount, beyond that who cooks what is absolutely nobody’s business: Atri Bhattacharya.#Highlight89: The Congress is not as intrusive as the present government: DebBarma on beef row.#Highlight88: Government passing laws on food is intrusion of privacy: Pradyot Bikram Manikya DebBarma.#Highlight87: Food is a form of expression, some eat beef and some don’t. I don’t see a reason why government should tell us what to eat: Rakhi Dasgupta.# Highlight86: The next session is Politics of Food: The Great Eat Debate.#Highlight85: We could become the Barcelona of the world: Suvankar Sen#Highlight84: Businesses in the east fall behind when it comes to marketing: Shitangshu Jhunjhunwala# Highlight83: Logically, people in the east should be operating out of Kolkata: Hemant Kanoria#Highlight82: Natural inclination of the people in the east is to foster in an environment of creativity: Harshavardhan Neotia#  Highlight81: Prominent businesspersons active in the east will talk about how the region can compete with and even beat west India.#  Highlight80: And, we’re back. After a short break for lunch, the day 2 of India Today Conclave East 2017 continues.#Highlight79: The next session is Starting Up from the East: Making It a Business Destination.# Highlight78: Development cannot happen without peace: CM Das.#Highlight77: I have full faith that by 2018 Jharkhand will be free of crime and terrorism: CM Das.# Highlight76: We will get access to rail and air connectivity in the next six months in Jharkhand: CM Das.#Highlight75: The 2014 Lok Sabha elections have proved that communal politics will not work anymore: CM Das.#Highlight74: We are in a democracy and no religion should take advantage of poverty to expand itself: CM Das on religious conversions.# Highlight73: There are some anti-national elements that are fomenting tensions and inciting tribals in Jharkhand: CM Das.#Highlight72: We have organised various trade fairs and summits to attract investors in Jharkhand: CM Das.#Highlight71: PM’s new India also envisions new Jharkhand with good employment, education and social welfare schemes: CM Das.#Highlight70: We have worked extensively with the people of remote villages to create welfare schemes: CM Das.#Highlight69: Jharkhand is the nation’s most prosperous state yet poverty persists here: CM Das.# Highlight68: The next session is – Reinventing Jharkhand: Mining Its Wealth Right – with CM Raghubar Das.#Highlight67: In the next 5-10 years we will definitely see some closure on the Netaji mystery: DN Bose#Highlight66: I agree, says Chandra Bose, the Netaji mystery cannot be solved with the IB filed.#Highlight65: To solve the Netaji mystery, the IB (Intelligence Bureau)  files on Bose first need to be declassified: Anuj Dhar#Highlight64: Unfortunately, politicians in independent India believe in hypocrisy: Chandra Bose#Highlight63: NDA govt and PM Modi are committed to solving the Netaji mystery: Chandra Bose#Highlight62: In the Azad Hind Fauz, there were no Hindus, no Muslims, no Sikhs; there were only Bharatiyas: Chandra Bose.#Highlight61: Successive govts at the Centre have tried to take Netaji out of history books, says Chandra Bose.#Highlight60: Bengali literature is filled with books on Netaji, Professor DN Bose says rebutting Anuj Dhar.#Highlight59: I reiterate, most people in Bengal are least bothered about Subhas Chandra Bose: Anuj Dhar.#Highlight58: Agree with Chandra Bose that Congress covered up Subhas Bose’s contribution to freedom movement, says DN Bose.#Highlight57: All Bengalis are NOT Netaji fans; 90 per cent of Bengalis are not bothered about him, claims author and activist Anuj Dhar.#Highlight56: We appreciated Mamata govt’s move to declassify Bose files: Chandra Bose.#  Highlight55: Happening now: BJP leader Chandra Bose, activist Anuj Dhar and academic DN Bose on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.#  Highlight54: BJP is resorting to irrelevant deflective tactics to deflate from serious issues: Mahua Moitra.# Highlight53: BJP’s yardstick of guilt differs when in opposition and in power, same is with their stand on beef: Ajay Maken.#Highlight52: Every state government has authority to bring out its own law: Meenakshi Lekhi on beef row.#Highlight51: The Prime Minister travels around the world, but it becomes an issue when West Bengal CM goes abroad: Mahua Moitra.#Highlight50: Which industrialist will invest in West Bengal with such a hostile environment? asks Dilip Ghosh.# Highlight49: Apart from polarisation politics, the BJP has not spoken about GST, under-performance and demonetisation: Derek O’Brien.#Highlight48: Parliament Winter Session has been delayed in the past too: Meenakshi Lekhi.#Highlight47: Don’t teach us about transfer policies with your flawed handling of CBI top brass: Mahua Moitra.#Highlight46: Padmavati is welcomed here and not Zulfiqar that is the brand of secular politics here: Meenakshi Lekhi.#Highlight45: We don’t identify with the BJP’s brand of  jingoism, have never seen my forefathers brandish swords on streets in the name of Hinduism: Mahua Moitra.# Highlight44: BJP is tarnishing the secular fabric of the nation with its baseless claims: Mahua Moitra.#Highlight43: Criminals from Bangladesh are allowed a haven in West Bengal: Meenakshi Lekhi.# Highlight42: Mahua Moitra and Meenakshi Lekhi sparr over poppy cultivation in Kaliachak of Malda district.#Highlight41: Best example of minority appeasement is that those wearing skull caps are exempted from wearing helmets: Meenakshi Lekhi.# Highlight40: The state and its ministers are responsible for minority appeasement: Meenakshi Lekhi.# Highlight39: We were not allowed in Cooch Behar and were chased by thugs: Dilip Ghosh.# Highlight38: It is ludicrous to say that we are not allowing the BJP to enter West Bengal: Mahua Moitra.#Highlight37: The people of West Bengal have rejected the leadership of BJP: Mahua Moitra.#Highlight36: BJP  failed the test of democracy, with all their threats they have only won three seats in West Bengal: Mahua Moitra.# Highlight35: The CBI-fair and lovely cream formula has been invented by the Congress: Dilip Ghosh.#Highlight34: Congress should not give lessons on morality and corruption: Meenakshi Lekhi.#  Highlight33: How to use CBI for political purposes can be learned from Congress: Dilip Ghosh.#  Highlight32: CBI’s fair and lovely cream is removing taint from those leaders who joined BJP: Ajay Maken.#Highlight31: The difference between Congress and BJP is that we form government by elections and they form by defections: Ajay Maken.#Highlight30: Session – Saffron and the East: Will the Two Meet? – begins.#Highlight29: The next session is Saffron and the East: Will the Two Meet? – with Ajay Maken and Mahua Moitra.#Highlight28: Revealing his softer side, Sonowal serenades the audience with a song.#Highlight27: We want to make Assam a leading tourist destination of the world: Sonowal#Highlight26: Modiji’s focus on the northeast has made this is a golden period for us: Sonowal.#Highlight25: Sonowal, once again, lauds PM Modi’s Act East policy.#Highlight24: But, Assam alone cannot tackle the core reason the area gets inundated by floods every year: Sonowal.# Highlight23: Flooding is a recurring issue in Assam, admits Sonowal.# Highlight22: Sonowal’s comments are in reference to Assam updating its National Register of Citizens.# Highlight21: We want to ensure an error-free, correct National Register of Citizens: Sonowal# Highlight20: Under the cash-for-jobs inquiry, a lot of officers were sent to jail: Sonowal#Highlight19: If you really want to fight against corruption, you cannot show any bias, make any compromises: Sonowal#Highlight18: Nobody will be spared, even if he/she is a CM: Sonowal on his anti-corruption drive#Highlight17: If I commit a crime, I am ready to go to jail: Sonowal#Highlight16: Since the day one of entering the CM’s office, I have cracked down on corruption: Sonowal#Highlight15: As CM, I have tried to weed out the weaknesses in my state’s government: Sonowal#Highlight14: PM Narendra Modi has ensured his government’s focus on the northeast: Sonowal#Highlight13: Next up: Consulting editor in conversation with Sarbananda Sonowal, the Chief Minister of Assam.#Highlight12: Kanyashree is all about empowerment, self-defence has helped many of these girls to protect themselves and others: Dr Shashi Panja.#Highlight11: With Rs 25,000 under Kanyashree scheme these girls invest in micro business, education and farming: Dr Shashi Panja.#Highlight10: The selection of beneficiaries is a well-organised process and it is a direct benefit transfer: Dr Shashi Panja.#Highlight9: Girls sharing the stage with Shashi Panja are children of hawkers, cycle rickshaw-pullers.#Highlight8:CM Mamata executes the Kanyashree scheme, she is the face of it, she has the rudder in her hand: Shashi Panja.#Highlight7: Nineteen-year-old Koheli, a beneficiary of Kanyashree, has set up a small business and employed two people.#Highlight6: If the access to education is not there, these girls may dropout: Dr Shashi Panja.#Highlight5: We are attacking the social evil called child marriage: Dr Shashi Panja.#Highlight4: Session Girl Power – Kanyas Show the Way begins.#Highlight3: The power-packed event will today see some political heavyweights on one platform.#Highlight2: Day 1 of the conclave saw Mamata Banerjee, Sourav Ganguly, Rani Mukerji, Prosenjit Chatterjee and many more.#Highlight1: Welcome to India Today Conclave East. Live coverage of Day 2 that will feature some of the biggest names in sports, cinema and politics on one stage will begin soon.#last_img read more

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