Gardaí praised for intercepting armed eight-man posse

first_imgAndrew [email protected] up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up A JUDGE has praised the work of Limerick Gardaí who intercepted an “armed posse” on their way to the home of a family who were subjected to a high level of “premeditated intimidation”.Detective Garda Ivan Muldoon told Limerick Circuit Court that Gardaí received confidential information that eight men were on the way to a house at Bru na Grudhain, Castletroy in Limerick on October 16, 2013.The men, who were travelling in a Volkswagen Golf car, were armed with a variety of weapons including a pick axe handle, screwdrivers and a car jack.Gardaí, who had earlier evacuated Christopher and Nora O’Donnell and their children from the house, intercepted the car before “serious damage could be done”.Detective Muldoon said the incident was connected to a dispute between members of two extended families.Three men before the court, Shane Ryan Casey (21) of April Rise, Old Cork Road; Jason Stokes (23) of Woodpark, Castleconnell and Wesley Stokes (20) of Curragh Birin, Castletroy pleaded guilty to the possession of weapons.Shane Ryan Casey also pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the house in Castletroy and to two other charges dating back to September 2, 2013 where he was found in possession of a hurley and with causing criminal damage to the former home of the O’Donnell family.Stating that such intimidatory incidents could not be tolerated in society, Judge Tom O’Donnell they were “premeditated and always carried out by a large group to maximise the fear”.Following their guilty pleas which were entered last year, the court heard that both Wesley and Jason Stokes had engaged well with the Probation services.Suspending an 18-month prison sentence for three years for both Jason and Wesley Stokes, Judge O’Donnell said they were part of a “maximum effort to intimidate the family, but it was extremely fortunate that the armed posse was intercepted by Gardaí”.Jailing Shane Ryan Casey for two years and six months for the four offences, the judge said he was one of the “main protagonists” in the incident and he had to take a serious view of that.As he was taken into custody, Casey, who has previous convictions for beating a horse to death, shouted profanities at the court claiming that he just wanted to “spend time with his woman” and warned that “there’s a new family feud in Limerick”. WhatsApp Twitter Advertisement NewsGardaí praised for intercepting armed eight-man posseBy Staff Reporter – February 24, 2016 1169 Printcenter_img Facebook Linkedin Email Previous article#GE16 – You ask the questions – part 3Next articlePrisoner jumped out Garda Station window while consulting with solicitor Staff Reporterhttp://www.limerickpost.ielast_img read more

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Neil Young Is Reissuing Four Albums From The 1970’s On Vinyl

first_imgAs Neil Young continues to dip into his extensive catalog during live performances with Promise Of The Real, it’s no surprise that the legendary guitarist wants to bring some of that music back into the limelight. With vinyl records more popular than ever, Young has announced the re-release of four albums on the audiophile-friendly media.The four albums include Time Fades Away (1973), On The Beach (1974), Tonight’s The Night (1975) and Zuma (1975). While the albums were reissued as a box set in 2014, this marks their first re-release as individual records. The four albums will be due out on September 6th! Highlights from the four releases include sit-ins from all three members of Crosby Stills and Nash, as well as both Levon Helm and Rick Danko from The Band.All four albums in this collection hit the top 40 charts, but eventually faded from the record store shelves. For any Neil Young fan and vinyl collector, this release must be calling your name.[Via Ultimate Classic Rock]last_img read more

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The Best Shows on BBC that are not Downtown Abbey

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Lissa HarrisThe BBC has always put together some amazing programming. As the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization, BBC has continuously provided high quality (and low quality) programming to the world on the dime of the average British household and I personally want to thank each and every one of those contributors for hours and hours of pure personal enjoyment. Here is my list of the top shows, most of which can be found on non-nefarious Netflix.The Catherine Tate Show:Catherine Tate is a comedienne known in the States for her portrayal of Nellie Bertram, Michael Scott’s replacement, in the eight and ninth seasons of NBC’s The Office. But her talents are truly showcased in the sketch comedy show that bears her name. Her range of character is incredible and hilarious. My favorite character is Margaret the frightened woman who screams in terror at seemingly innocuous noises such as crunching or her own hiccups. If you think this is funny, you will LOVE this comedy.LutherThe current popularity of the crime drama has me on cloud nine and renews my faith in humanity’s capability to be interested in anything other than a housewife of some county. Like it’s title character played by Idris Alba, Luther has it all: intelligence, suspense, and sharp dialogue most of which is spoken in cockneyed british accents. It exudes a sexy slumpiness that is irresistible and completely satifying right down to the opening song by Massive Attack.Its only flaw is falling prey to the all too familiar “shock” plot twist (ie: killing off a major character) that we see all too often in TV today. But I can forgive its transgression without impunity because everything else about it is so good.Call the MidwifeI happened upon this pink diamond after reading an article about the best shows on Netflix. I was skeptical at first since, on the surface, it possessed none of my usual desired traits for good TV (crime-based, apocalypse centered, or anything sci-fi). It is set in 1950s London in the poverty stricken Eastend and follows the life of novice mid-wife in a convent, Nurse Jenny Lee (played by Jessica Raines). Each episode focuses on a different pregnant women with her own unique set of concerns for herself, her family, and her unborn baby. The show emphasis is on how crucial the midwife was at a time before we gave birth in hospitals strapped to a fetal monitor, a heart monitor, and an IV drip filled with Pitocin. It was surely a simpler time but boy did things go wrong. And although they faced some hard decisions, everything always turned out right in the end except for that one episode that unlike Luther I will never forgive them for. And let us not forget Nurse Camilla “Chummy” Browne, played with wild abandon by Miranda Hart, who at six-foot-something is awkward nervous perfection.SherlockOkay, okay I know. Sherlock is hardly a hidden gem. It is about as popular as that show I mentioned in the title (Downton Abbey, shhhhhh). But unless you have watched this series, every episode, more than once, you don’t know Sherlock. Visually stunning shot for shot, this show should be watched again in slow motion just to be able to absorb the slight nuances of the cinematography and each character’s movements within. Then it should be watched by pausing during breaks in the dialogue in order to catch each line in its “blink and you’ll miss it” style. Sherlock is a veritable banquet for the eyes, brain, and soul. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson) have a chemistry on screen that rivals Bogey and Bacall. The storylines are as realistic, intelligent and well though out as (or dare I say even better than) Breaking Bad, and this last season’s finale was exhausting and glorious to watch. It took my mind a week to recover. If you get nothing from this article except that I think everyone should WATCH THIS SHOW, then this was worth the hour it took me to write and I can feel that I’ve done my part to remove the stigma that still surrounds television. Sherlock is the reason why TV is good, TV is right, and TV should be watched often with a discriminating and curious mind. We will all be better for it.last_img read more

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Leafs make a few tweaks as Junior teams set rosters for stretch run

first_imgNothing earth shattering generally happens at the BC Hockey January 10 roster deadline.Which came and went with the Nelson Leafs making a few tweaks to the roster as the team begins its run to the regular season finish line in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League.last_img

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