Guangzhou dessert brand

on the dessert tunnel is Guangzhou there, Guangzhou dessert is known throughout the country, the chowhound you know how Guangzhou several well-known dessert? Xiao Bian here for you to recommend a few, like you like.

recommend a: Angel contracted (days Henan shop)

recommended reason: store decoration elegant and comfortable, signs cheese cake material enough, rich entrance, soap, punctuality. Mango, blueberry, durian and other fruits, still strong smooth, it is easy to melt into the taste of the tongue is still fresh.

recommended dessert: Signature cheese cake

recommended two: southern milk dessert expert

recommended reason: the time-honored, reputation is well deserved. Double-Layer Steamed Milk really no top, Xianghua, rich flavor, sweet control just right. Ginger milk and milk with ginger and full of fragrance. And snacks. No wonder so many people every day, the table is absolute.

recommended desserts: signs double skin milk

recommended three: Bing Bing Bing

recommended reason: Shun Ji opened nearly eighty years, one of the nine famous shop is. Town store treasure mango ice cream, coconut ice cream and durian ice cream super delicious, no frost particles, high purity of milk fat, taste delicate fragrance, as well as trace flesh. It is said that the old formula coconut, coconut milk mixed with light and milk flavor, light Wen a mouth that is melting, feel wonderful.

recommended dessert: mango ice cream coconut ice cream durian ice cream

recommended four: Baihua dessert shop

recommended reason: Department of the old, the environment more than a decade, such as a day, relatively simple. Dessert too good for maintaining standards, can not help some food over the bowl, good taste, recommended red bean paste, put into the boiled red bean peel, fragrance. There are many kinds, a meal will carry presbyopia. And the price is not expensive, no wonder business is always very hot.

recommended dessert: red bean sand

recommendation five: Rose dessert shop

Recommended reason:

Almond Jelly into a bowl of white snow so beautiful, fresh taste good natural flavor, it is definitely not out of the fruit and good taste, smooth entrance, "Shu" is a very slippery fall throat, right! Mango Sago sparkling, QQ play, fruity, will test. The old fine are also a few friendly, a few fun caused, and again to go all the way.