Three only the first dry pot join advantage

from the four-dimensional perspective of the world, should also have a flavor of it! The progress of science and technology to bring the development of the times, of course, also allows us to enjoy the benefits of the new era, such as four-dimensional food and beverage projects.

four restaurant was founded in 1991, after more than and 20 years of groundless talk, has become a food, dry pot, barbecue, hotels, restaurants, entertainment as one of the diversified catering entertainment agency. The total investment of about 30000000 yuan, the business area of up to 30 thousand square meters, the annual turnover of $about 30000000, outstanding staff of more than 1500, is now a well-known brand in Mianyang catering.

"three first" four dry pot is Mianyang four Dining Entertainment Co., the company’s brand of innovation, which uphold the company’s ecological, green and healthy concept, conform to the broad masses of customers, the new consumer demand, the heritage of Mianyang food culture, fusion food, Hot pot essence, for the stone and delicacy enjoy.

three first dry pot join? Three pot to join the first pot to give investors what support? Specific look at the following:

three first pot profit analysis

in addition to those people favorite delicacy, only the first three dry pot franchise for you to join more security, many unexpected surprises! Only the first three dry pot franchise, will not let you disappointed, will not let you regret!

three first dry pot area protection:

company in order to protect the interests of dealers, with the exclusive distribution of regional authorized as the company’s regional market policy, the company’s commitment to the distribution agreement is not in the same area to develop second dealers. At the same time, the company set up strict punishment trans regional distribution policy, regional distribution of exclusive distribution rights protection. See dealer agreement.

three first pot price policy:

company to develop highly competitive supply price and guide the retail price system to protect the profit margins of dealers at all levels. The company continued to strengthen product quality and enhance the competitiveness of the terminal image, products, adhere to product price strategy and cost-effective operation of the market, providing powerful weapons to continue to enhance product dealers, dealers in the regional market competitiveness.

three first pot promotion support:

unified production of a variety of promotional materials, and in accordance with a certain amount to the dealer free of charge to help dealers establish a terminal image, carry out promotional activities until the start of the local regional market. The types of conventional materials provided by the company include: product promotional materials (product catalogs /DM leaflets) >