Merchandise promotion to talking the

as long as it is to do business, it is necessary to promote the product to the customer, however, if you want to make a successful product promotion, nature also need to be able to speak". Have seen such a story: the Ming Dynasty, had to sell jade Western businessmen to Chinese, that this is a piece of jade in the pink of perfection treasures, but the Western businessmen not propaganda, nor speak, when Chinese asked him whether the jade of healing, exorcism, the Western businessman said: not awkward in speech. The results of the Chinese people laughed at some of the Western businessmen business has been stirred up yellow.

as the saying goes: "the flower of the flower, said the melon melon". As a businessman, different strategies should be adopted according to different situations and objects. The western people is the lack of glib smart, do not know their strengths in praise of goods.

can not help but think of the store’s cigarette business. For our cigarette retail households, the new cigarette is a new profit growth point, selling well, not only to make more profits, but also to ease the shortage of tight brand stores supply pressure. However, some customers are more conservative and stubborn thinking, new products are difficult to be recognized and accepted, it is difficult to promote new products, sales are always not ideal.

at this time, we need to sell their own new cigarette to boast, "can speak". Different brands of cigarette products has its unique qualities and certain consumer groups, so the introduction of new products must be familiar with the characteristics of cigarette production process of a new product of cigarettes, cigarette smoking, understand the new packaging what characteristics, and think about how to identify the entry point to the customer’s introduction of new products and selling cigarettes highlights of new cigarette sales and also recommend more easily.

business, of their goods advertising, also should respect the facts, if fake say true, do not say to have, let customers find you said is not true, customers feel cheated, nature will not buy your goods.

if the advantages of the product itself can not be introduced to customers, but also how to allow customers to buy it? Of course, the gift of the gab cigarette business is a good thing, but to remember honesty, law-abiding, the quality goods such as gold, genuine goods at a fair price to win the trust and loyalty of consumers. With a stable customer base, business can grow, the store can have a good income.