The newly married couple came to Nanjing Yuhuatai to the whole of flowers Hero

because the revolutionary martyrs for our happy life dedicated to the precious life, so today we can not forget the revolutionary martyrs. Jiangsu city in Nanjing Province, the 95 couples flowers to the martyrs martyrs cemetery in Yuhuatai yuhua. In the important moments of life, to the martyrs cemetery sweep and flowers, the newlyweds in action on the expression of revolutionary martyrs and admiration for a happy life to cherish.

at 9 in the morning, Yuhuatai martyrs martyrdom Qundiao before the ceremony began in the rain scene, singing the national anthem, a minute silent tribute to the martyrs. The 95 couples are divided into several rows, have presented flowers to the martyrs martyrdom qundiao. Although the new unified field umbrella, but the bride and groom white wedding suit almost dragged in the mud, but they don’t feel pity; some of the bride and groom was shivering, but did not show no retreat, the more devout, firm. The couple said, heavy rain to sweep flowers activity more interesting, more memorable, rain is meaning of two couples to stand together through storm and stress in the future.

The end of

flowers after the session, Liu Aiqin Yuhua on behalf of relatives of martyrs martyrs and He Baozhen, comrade Liu Shaoji expressed wishes and expectations to the new people. Finally, the newlyweds to Yuhuatai to listen to the revolutionaries, clove, Lilac Garden Lok’s love story, and planted a concentric Memorial tree, sowed the seeds of Portland in February. After the event, the new people are reluctant to leave, in front and take pictures of Ding Xianglin martyr qundiao.

through the memory, so that we can better cherish today’s happy life. One of the organizers of the Jiangsu provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, a responsible person said that the theme of the event is to cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, cherish the happy life, create a better future". The organization of young people to the martyrs cemetery sweep and flowers in this marriage is an important moment in life, hope for young people to express admiration for martyrs in action.

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