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car beauty? In our lives, car beauty market, has been a very hot market. First class quality, attentive service, is the best choice for us to choose auto beauty market. How about car beauty? Not only is very strong, but also joined the car beauty project, is also very popular choice!

car beauty stores is bound. The car is completed, the construction process of professional car wash to remove the mud will paint the surface of iron powder, shellac, gum and other dirt. The iron powder can be said to be the owner of the most easily overlooked, but also harm a substance of the maximum driving paint, metal parts wear, resulting in the air is filled with a large number of metal dust. When the car is moving forward, by force, iron powder can directly into the paint. The molecular structure of iron is not stable, it is easy to be oxidized, it will resonate with paint oxidation (and chemical reaction). Paint the iron powder in the ordinary way to but when the polishing removal, also easy to mix two wear aggravated paint polishing machine.

car beauty franchise fee is how much?

professional automotive beauty construction technicians will assess the situation of vehicle paint scratches, if the scratch is more and more serious, the technician will propose to do after the advice for the paint coating scratch less vehicles, technicians will use 1500 turn around polishing machine, polishing wax with professional polishing the car paint 1500. Turn around low speed polishing machine polishing, the minimum, and can ensure that all parts of the effect of uniform and fine damage to the paint. If the construction vehicle is a new car, will the car paint recovery technician mirror polishing wax treatment on the finish, the best effect of.

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for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the business car beauty project, is to seize the opportunity of the tail. Auto beauty joined the project, is a very good brand of potential projects. So, are you ready?