Silk feeling Gelimei socks to join is to make

we all know, socks in our life, has been very common, but also very practical. For small business franchisee, entrepreneurs choose to join the love Gelimei silk socks, open her own love silk Gelimei socks stores, the shop is made!

socks stores do not earn money? Now many entrepreneurs through the open wire feeling Gelimei chain socks success, China never lack of market goers, huge opportunities to call a person with breadth of vision beautiful career development; we need to care for the fashion industry; the last is waiting for us to go to the bucket bonanza juequ.

silk feeling Gelimei socks chain store came into being, timely put forward the concept of beautiful socks. Open socks stores do not earn money? Love Gelimei silk stocking is the brand of choice for you to make money, silk feeling visual system with its beautiful socks was of impact, all kinds of domestic and foreign characteristics of socks, fair prices, quality service is rapidly becoming the industry leader.

socks market advantage is far from a little, it also has a small socks, everyone needs, replacement fast, high profits and many advantages. Do you think you can’t make money from a sock shop?. In China, the average profit of manufacturing is about 15%, the food industry is about 13%, the catering industry is about 30% profit. The profits of socks up to 50%-70%. In terms of cost advantage is also outstanding, socks store shop staff wages and lighting electricity bills are not large.

do not underestimate the choice of socks to join the project, has been a very good choice. Silk feeling Gelimei socks? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. Join love Gelimei silk socks, is right!