How to improve the sales of stone Stores

Home Furnishing building materials market prospects, many entrepreneurs choose to open stone stores, the industry now face the brutal competition in the market, to a more stable foothold in the market, entrepreneurs need to focus attention is in the shop when the need to master the correct method of sales! And stone stores as building materials market the best entrepreneurial projects, so entrepreneurs in the shop, a shop selling method to master the content of what the specific needs of the attention of entrepreneurs in the shop when the


stone stores in the product line is generally based on the positioning of the target, divided into high and low three. Excellent stone store sales staff to introduce the order is high to medium to low introduction. First of all, the most expensive products, even if the customer does not buy the most expensive products, customers will feel that the introduction of the middle and low-end products will be relatively cheap, and ultimately choose to buy. According to low to high "additive" introduced, low-priced products can only make the products seem very expensive behind, a subtle change in the customer’s psychological account, encourage customers to abandon the purchase decision. The wallpaper brand agency guide, should be according to the low – to high order products, or high – to low order products? This is a direct reflection of how to manage the customer "mental account".

stone store shopping guide is a general idea, in order to allow customers do not run away, the first to use low-cost products to attract customers to stay. In this way, it may promote the sale of low-priced products, but virtually increase the difficulty of high-end product sales. The shopping guide is also unaware that the reasons for the high price of products. In fact, is not the correct guide in the order so that customers feel the price is high, customers away.

success is not simple, in the business process needs to face all kinds of problems, small hope that how to carry on the stone store sales promotion through the introduction of the above, to shop in the market profit increase, entrepreneurs to join the shop when operating in stone, all business to consumer demand for development purposes, to join the stone shop to highlight the advantages, so it is not difficult to make money


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