How to join the Nord cup steak shop

steak has always been the staple food of Westerners, Westerners nutrition supply of the body of the steak. Of course, in China, the steak market is also very popular. Features a lot of brands, such as the following to open the Nord steak shop. Open the Nord Steakhouse, authentic steak. With the European Alps of noble descent, had come to China, traditional standards in the selection, taste, craft stick to Medjev, the same taste, the same feeling, taste a tongue, so that consumers will be able to love steak delicious and unforgettable. So how to join the Nord steak cup?

how to join Nord Steakhouse

Nord steak cup joining process description:

1, information understanding

2, fill in the application

3, assessment signed

4 and

support built

5, personnel training

6, start planning

7, steering opening

8, start operating

Nord steak cup mode:

single join:

5 micro stalls:

square meters

a small stall, just 1-2 people on duty, a person to operate, while selling steak, while selling drinks, that is, go away, the cost is low, per capita consumption than ordinary milk tea shop, snack bar high, more advantages;

15 square meters of fast fashion store:

exquisite design, reasonable layout, the steak shop from the tall on the western restaurant, return to the ordinary consumer, so that everyone can afford to eat the street steak. Sell or sell, consumers can also sit in the shop, the formation of the high popularity of atmosphere. One day turnover, more than 40 square meters of cafes and snack bars.

agent: regional market monopoly regional wealth

lord it over a district.

regional agent Nord steak, responsible for market development agency area store business, not only to earn Zhiyingdian profits, and market development, product supply, management training, investment income is divided into multiple, easily among the local food and beverage industry heavyweights level.

Xiaobian introduced finished, I believe how to join the brand have a very clear understanding of >