One of the short board of the development of Shanghai environmental quality

although many cities in the life of the economy has made rapid development, but the city’s environmental quality is still very tangled. So, what are the short board development in Shanghai? There is no denying the fact that environmental quality is one of the obvious short boards. 17 am, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress of the fourteen session of the fifth meeting to speed up pollution control, improve the quality of the environment, the special consideration. At the meeting, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said Zhang Quan, environmental quality is still the main development of Shanghai short board.


environmental protection work last year has made great progress, but we are also aware that the current environmental protection work is still in before loading the line, must try harder stage", Zhang Quan pointed out that the current environmental quality improvement is not stable enough. 2016 air, water quality improvement of a larger range, which is the city’s efforts, the results, but there are relatively favorable weather conditions, the upstream water and other day help factor.

want to protect the environment, of course, can not be separated from the relevant units in a timely manner, but can not do without the concerted efforts of everyone to protect. Zhang Quan mentioned that the city’s pollution control and prevention of the source of the task more arduous river. The main causes of environmental pollution in the city are the industrial development, the total amount of urban activities, high intensity and structural problems. With the city’s pollution control standards gradually docking international advanced level, emission reduction will be more dependent on the development of the transfer structure. ", which is beneficial to the transformation and development of environmental protection and the formation of the same force; the difficulty is that the transformation and development of the population, industry issues, the situation is more complex, can not be achieved overnight. "

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