The whole of the three step kaimennake to do

open the door to work if you want to do in place, it is not a simple open the door on it, but also need to do the work of the various steps. In fact, open shop guest is the theme of each of our retail shopkeepers work. However, in an increasingly competitive market today, in the face of growing customer demand for services, many of our retail customers do not know how to satisfied customers, some of them opened the door to wait for the visitors, but very not easy to wait until some customers, also not good to attract customers, customer service, just coldly stand, waiting for customers to choose goods checkout.

can imagine that such a service, business is good, it would not be good to go. The author believes that a good service is a very important factor affecting the customer to buy goods. As long as we can sing with sincere, polite, enthusiastic pick out three steps will enable us to improve the level of service.

is a passion for customers, customer with passion. A customer is like a guest in our house. Just imagine, if the home to the guests, especially the first meeting of the customer, if we are very enthusiastic, will give the guests a kind of intimacy, so that guests feel at home. Naturally, the guests will be in a short period of time to eliminate strangeness.

therefore, when customers shopping in our store, we must learn to pick up enthusiasm. Pick up when there is a customer enthusiasm, we should take the initiative to. Guests should also pay attention to maintain a warm state. Especially when the customer to shop, shop no other customers, must use relatively high pitched voice to greet customers, so all of a sudden break the silence, let the customer in a very short period of time to feel our enthusiasm, to relax the mood, happy shopping.

if the customer to shop, we in front of the customer service, not because of the reception in front of the customer rather than new customers, to customer service in front of the society, with the inquiry or "Hello, feel shy, please wait!" Such as language to greet customers at the back, or to pay attention to maintain a warm attitude, so that even if the customer needs a longer service time, the customer is willing to wait behind the patient.

two is sincere peiqia, create a good shopping atmosphere for customers. Some shopkeepers, when customers come to shop, they will stand in silence, let customers feel desolate. Even if you want to shop, but also to buy a commodity in a hurry to leave. The author believes that in order to improve the sales level, we must pay attention to the sincere peiqia, ready to accept customer consultation whenever and wherever possible, the goods and services and other aspects of the settlement for customers, for customers to create a good shopping atmosphere, so that customers feel convenient and enjoyable when shopping in our store.

in addition, if the customer comes to make purchases, the immediate sales