The detailed analysis of cost to open a restaurant in the whole

food and beverage industry has always been a good industry investors want to join, many people want to get rich want to open a restaurant, then how much money to open a restaurant? Today Xiaobian here in detail for the following analysis of the cost of opening a restaurant in the end is how much, so that entrepreneurs want to invest have a clue!

the cost of opening a restaurant costs:

the cost of opening a restaurant, business tax

restaurants, restaurants (Hall), hotel (home) hotel and other units belong to the business tax "catering" taxable behavior and the sale of goods to the customer, if the customer is in the field of consumption (i.e., the goods here) part of the income shall be incorporated into the business tax business tax taxable income. Tax rate 5-8%, take small, 50000*5%=2500 yuan per month.

the cost of opening a restaurant two, business management fee

business administration fee is now a fixed fee, if your restaurant monthly turnover of about 40000 yuan, is estimated to be about $500 per month in industrial and commercial management fees.

the cost of opening a restaurant four, other costs

fixed costs: decoration furniture (including tables and chairs) kitchen 20000-25000 yuan.

variable costs: facade rent 4000 yuan / month.

two chefs, cutting and cooking, breakfast, 1500 yuan per person per month (and also some picking vegetables, vegetables four attendants each 500 yuan / month (the other Baochibaozhu wages totaling 1500*2+500*4=5000 yuan / month food and other raw materials: 700 yuan / day *30 day =21000 yuan / month

employees to rent 1200 yuan / month

water, fuel, telephone charges: 2800 yuan / month

other care and expenses: 1200 yuan / month

above the variable costs (except taxes) a total of 4000+5000+21000+1200+2800+1500=35500 yuan / month. Plus business management fees and sales tax of 38500 yuan.

the cost of opening a restaurant five, menu design

each dish to make the necessary manpower, time, material, quantity and supply situation, will be reflected in the standard price, so the menu design should pay attention to the above factors, types and selection of dishes >