Retail business how to sing good voice service

although the "good voice" has now been renamed, however, for its hot, we really have no doubt. Nowadays, with the "good voice" sing the country, "good voice" has become a buzzword. There is no doubt that for everyone love listening to their good voice pleasant mood "". Therefore, in order to improve the level of sales, many retail customers are in "good voice" on the compilation of a lot of nice words, nice to meet with customers, to "good voice" to impress the customer.

I think, in fact, for customers, Truly they love to listen to "good voice", but, if we really want to impress customers, allow customers to submit to our "good voice", good voice or to say sincerely with customers "". Otherwise, if the "good voice" once with the hat not only false display of affection, impress customers, but also bring antipathy to the customer.

so, how can we say sincerely "good voice", let the customer to accept our "good voice"? I learned to sum up the following points, retail friends may wish to try the effect.


language to say "good voice"

The so-called "

language" is the customer understand, love to listen to the language of the local district. In today’s society, and the society is mandarin. Although Mandarin sounds very beautiful, but for some local people especially older consumers, sometimes it sounds not so good, on the one hand is to understand, on the other hand, is so awkward. Sometimes not only can not retain customers, but will scare away customers.

so, we in and greeting customers and customer service, not necessarily those of yin and Yang "talking" tone with customers say "Hello, Welcome, what do you need?" And so on, that sounds good, but it makes people feel insincere, not intimate. If we can speak some words with "rustic dialect", and complemented by natural and friendly tone, more easy to let the customer must accept, suddenly narrowed the distance between each other.

use the truth to say good voice

words, if it is not the truth, false display of affection than the truth so that customers love. In the usual visits, we found that some retail customers in greeting customers or introduce goods to customers, or like to say a lot of ceremony, or will lie. In fact, I believe that, on the one hand, we rather than a lot of polite words, it might as well say a few words like customers to listen to the home, really, the customer will not only listen to the intimate and will be more comfortable.

for example, the day before yesterday I went to a shop to shop, >