8000 small and micro enterprises will get help

From July 25th onwards, the municipal government 19 joint development and Reform Commission, City Municipal Bureau of Commerce, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau and other departments to set up a support group, will be the city’s more than 8 thousand small and micro enterprises helping, help solve the existing in the production and management, marketing and business development in the enterprise problems and difficulties. This reporter learned from the municipal government in July 25th to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment was informed.

in accordance with the relevant requirements of the provincial government, the working group will further support the city’s small and micro enterprises, the touch line, sort the problem, identify a number of industries and areas of key enterprises, is helping to develop targeted measures, including the coordination of enterprises to solve practical difficulties in water resources allocation, such as electrical project construction funds, land etc. the railway transportation; to the municipal level difficult to solve the problem, to timely report to the Provincial Working Group, to solve the common problems of support; involves the development of industries and regions and major issues in a timely manner to reflect the leadership team and provincial counterparts working group, put forward opinions and suggestions. In-depth understanding of corporate financing needs, strengthen communication and coordination with financial institutions, Guarantee Corporation, small loan companies, tracking services, tracking and coordination, and effectively solve the financing difficulties of enterprises.

To establish a cooperative relationship more closely

helping the group will actively coordinate and help the growth of science and technology, and Scientific Research Institute of small and micro enterprises and colleges, encourage enterprises to introduce advanced technology, accelerate the improvement of equipment, process improvement, reduce energy consumption, develop new products, and vigorously promote the application of information technology and advanced technology, improve the level of enterprise characteristics and advantages, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading.

It is reported that

, the work of helping object for small and micro enterprises, including industry, agriculture, construction, wholesale and retail, transportation, warehousing and postal industry, catering and accommodation industry, information transmission industry, real estate development and property management, leasing and business services.