Evening snow Happy Valley opened kite ditch

this event to create winter sports tourism as the theme, the spirit of entertainment, fitness and leisure as one of the principles, advocating a new concept of life healthy and happy, attract people in the city in the winter and return into nature, close to nature, feel the winter snow kite ditch style. Therefore, in the past three months, the evening paper kite ditch snow Happy Valley will carry out the culture, sports and tourism activities in three categories, built more than 10 themed venues and activities, set up the snow, culture, tourism, sports, is currently our province held the largest and highest grade ice festival among them, motorized snow, snow flying, ski, snow, snow, children’s basketball live snow CS war, winter outdoor training, walking through the forest expansion projects such as snow and ice, will allow people to fully experience brought by snow and ice sports don’t like passion and joy. The event is the city’s active development of winter tourism, promote cultural, sports, tourism and the development of a bold attempt to integrate, but also strive to allow the county’s winter tourism is no longer silent action. At the same time, the ski resort in the background of the beautiful kite ditch Linhai, set up a sparkling snow rime, romantic and interesting sculptures, childlike children snow park, people can participate in the photography, sit Kang farm rice farm goods, through Linhaixueyuan in appreciating the beautiful winter scenery. The same day, the snow in Happy Valley was bustling, racket, in addition to the country to attend the opening ceremony of the guests, there are many residents and tourists, people laughing, playing, began to try all the ice project in Happy Valley, one fell siyangbacha, one was down on the ground, the body on the buried thick snow…… Laughter, one after another, people immersed in a joy. (author: Ge Wenrong)