Huangyuan’s first credit village was founded

days ago, Huangyuan County village of credit awarding ceremony in Dong Xia Xiang Guan Cun, held in the village became the first village of Huangyuan county this year, credit evaluation. Awarding the scene, Huangyuan County Credit Union according to the level of farmers’ credit rating, issued a credit line of 10 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan to rural households credit for 56 households, and loans for the loan demand of farmers.

this year, for the further improvement of financial ecological environment, break the bottleneck in financing, Huangyuan county to build a "credit Huangyuan" as the goal, to determine the construction of credit system driven by the idea of local economic development. Through the establishment of incentives and trustworthy dishonesty disciplinary mechanisms, to the letter the user, credit village, township credit loan priority, increase credit limits, the loan interest rate cut and other preferential policies, to expand the demand for credit, increase credit coverage, effectively solve the financing problem, so as to promote the county’s economic development has injected new impetus. Up to now, Huangyuan county has 2639 users of credit rating, credit village (community), credit companies, 3. (author: Zhao Junjie Luo Hongmei)