72 million purchase services benefit people

Pay by the government, according to the requirements of the masses, providing pension, employment training and other public service for everyone, has become a city of "the government departments in charge of the overall change, and institutions to undertake the traditional social management system is one of the important measures to deepen the reform of the social realm. Recently, a reporter to interview me, the purchase of public service a few pilot projects to understand, this year the city has invested 72 million yuan to buy public service, not only let the people get the benefits, but also stimulate the enthusiasm of social organizations participating in social management and services. Government spending money to buy services, in fact, people order, the government pay, social forces work". I am from the city to the people most concerned about basic public education, employment, social security, health, culture and sports, environmental sanitation, market supervision and other 14 areas, 118 specific services, from food waste removal and harmless treatment, the disabled rehabilitation, pension, employment training and other 15 projects the pilot, covering 11 areas of government purchase of public services. Currently, the city’s 15 pilot projects in the project has been identified to undertake the main subject of the implementation of the enterprise, to carry out the work of government procurement of services in the 13. The reporter to buy public services in some government of Xining Yihe Park, Qinghai province elderly computer network training school, Qinghai Jieshen Environment Energy Industry Co Ltd and other pilot units learned that the government purchase of services, included in the pilot of private pension institutions operating difficult dilemma can be improved, the continuous improvement of business and services through the purchase of government promoting services; the social training institutions through the bidding to join the government purchase of public service operations, greatly expand the training for laid-off workers and peasants of the energy; the kitchen garbage disposal project was included in the first batch of pilot government purchase of public services, the cost of transportation and treatment and disposal is further clear, improve the level of service quality and collection and disposal. The Municipal Finance Bureau staff told reporters that the government purchase of services to the social forces, turned to mobilize social forces to participate in the provision of public services, reasonable budget, will use limited funds to the people most in need of place.