Efforts to promote the CPPCC work to move forward

"I will not live up to the trust of the provincial Party committee of the municipal Party committee, do not live up to expectations, unite and rely on the committee, the CPPCC participating units and the community, the fine tradition of inheriting and carrying forward the CPPCC, adapt to the new situation, in accordance with the new requirements, to perform their duties, diligent and enterprising, efforts to promote the work of the CPPCC, I continue to move forward." February 5th, the newly elected CPPCC Chairman Ma Haiying in an interview with this reporter, said.

refers to the new post the next CPPCC although Ma Haiying, claiming to be the CPPCC recruits, but confidence in the future, have the ability to do a good job of new confidence. Ma Haiying said that the new situation for the development of the people’s Political Consultative Conference provides a new opportunity for the new task of the CPPCC work put forward higher requirements. We must have a high sense of historical responsibility and sense of mission, with more political enthusiasm, more high spirits, to carry out the work of the CPPCC, and make new contributions to promoting the development of the cppcc.

on how to do the work of the CPPCC, Ma Haiying said, one is the leadership of the party, maintain a correct political direction. Around the municipal government center to perform their functions, and strive to create a good atmosphere to work together, forge ahead, to lay a firm foundation for the realization of the ideological and political city thirteen Party Congress proposed the goal. Two is to adhere to the overall situation, earnestly fulfill the three functions of the cppcc. Around the center, serving the overall situation as the first task of the cppcc. Give full play to the CPPCC talents, intelligence intensive advantages, mobilize all the members of the CPPCC, carry out investigation and research around the center, around the hot issues involving people’s livelihood advice and suggestions, and strive to be a good helper for the municipal government. Three is to adhere to the people-oriented, efforts to promote the harmonious and stable development. Around the two themes of unity and democracy, to play the advantages of a wide range of contacts with the CPPCC, mobilize all positive factors, cohesion of all forces, efforts to promote the smooth and healthy development of the city’s economic and social development. The four is to keep pace with the times, focus on the ideological construction, style construction, organization construction, team building, office building and other work, makes model hard to perform their duties responsibly and pragmatic people, change style, self-discipline, strengthen the self construction of the CPPCC, constantly improve their own quality and ability to perform their duties.