North and south around Forest Park in Xining

25 years ago, North and South Mountain greening project started, this is the provincial government to make the decision more look far ahead from a high plane, is a historical choice made about 2000000 people in Xining! After 25 years of
, initially built north-south mountain forest ecosystem, we will take a new step, plans to declare the South and North Mountain National Forest Park city!
today, about South Beishan, every Xining people are proud, she is synonymous with "great". For her, a generation of people in Xining hard work, self-reliance, perseverance, perseverance, countless people’s sweat spilled on her backbone. Into her, the past lack of forest green desolate scene disappeared, her lush green, melodious birds chirping, Xining because of her green and more vibrant! Her miraculous rebirth, is the province’s perseverance, the embodiment of the eco province strategy to implement the specific embodiment!
the North-South mountain green, is to explore, is a challenge, it is a symbol of the masses and the forestry builders of courage and wisdom. Today, a new round of chongfenghao sounded, hearten spirit, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of a nail, strengthening do not get off the ground in my consciousness, we will draw a blueprint of the North-South mountain green in the end, make a positive contribution to the creation of the first area of ecological civilization.
should have a profound understanding of the strategic position of Qinghai in the national ecological construction, ecological protection, correctly handle the development of resources, improve the livelihood of the three, insist on the protection and development, make good ecological environment as Qinghai’s biggest advantage, wealth and brand, and constantly improve the green index, to explore a line with the actual Qinghai the development of production, affluent life and sound ecological civilization development road.
— Luo Huining of secretary of provincial Party committee Green North and South Mountain, is an important part of our province to create ecological civilization first area, to create great beauty Qinghai upgrade, is a power in the interest of the great cause of the ages. Work on the greening of the north and south, the determination and confidence of the provincial government will unswervingly adhere to the policy of long-term unchanged, long-term contract system, long-term leadership mechanism and working mechanism unchanged.
25 years governor Hao Peng
, made numerous "first step"
25 years, green mountain in the north and South in the process, we have made numerous "first step", we constantly self;