Eight departments jointly informed consumer rights situation

from the basic necessities of life to play entertainment, people everywhere around the consumer, there will be a lot of things need adults. 3· this year; 15 international consumer rights day to the end, the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau combined with the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and other eight departments, jointly informed rights last year their supervision in the field, in order to provide reference for people’s rights.

, Industrial and Commercial Bureau: Consumers Association, 12315 complaints office, consumer protection department of the three departments were 3· 15 this year; overall planning; analysis of last year’s industrial and commercial administrative organs accepted advice, complaints and reports and other appeals cases; last year the province’s key commodity circulation sampling results report.

* Provincial Tourism Bureau: last year, the province’s Tourism Quality Supervision and law enforcement agencies at all levels to accept 235 complaints of effective tourism, involving tourists of 1031 people, an investigation of the case, the closing of the 235, the closure rate was 100%. Quality supervision by law enforcement agencies at all levels of mediation, a total of 193 thousand and 400 yuan to compensate the amount of complaints tourists.

– the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps: last year, the province’s economic investigation departments at all levels of the case investigation against IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods crime case 93, cracked 85 cases, arrested 104 people, involving 11 million 170 thousand yuan, 3 million 337 thousand yuan in economic losses.

—- provincial quality and Technical Supervision: last year, the annual provincial supervision and inspection of 516 enterprises produced 822 batches of products, the pass rate of 92.7%, the detection of the batch of substandard products, substandard products detection rate of 7.3%.

– the Provincial Communications Authority: last year, the provincial telecommunications users complaint handling user complaint center received a total of 207 times. The province’s per million user complaints reached 30.1 passengers.

– the food and Drug Administration: last year, the province’s food and drug supervision departments at all levels to investigate and deal with illegal cases since 540, involving the value of 22 million 670 thousand yuan, banning unlicensed 10 households, destroyed and dealt with fake drug dens (Gang) 47, ordered to suspend business for rectification 61.

Provincial Postal Administration: last year, the provincial postal administration to give full play to the role of postal consumer complaints center, and resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. A total of 21023.2 years to restore economic losses for consumers.

– the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch Chinese: last year, the province’s people’s bank system 18 branches of financial consumer complaints handled 279, among them, the people’s Bank of statutory duties within the scope of the 209 complaints, accounting for 74.91% of the total complaints; to cross market and cross industry cross financial products and services 6 complaints which accounted for 2.15% of the total complaints; the other 64 categories of complaints, accounting for 22.93% of the total complaints.