Xining housing prices are not affected by fluctuations

For a period of time, prices outside the city price voice can be heard without end, especially since 2014, there have been a second tier city property market experienced a wave of price cuts, and even some real estate straight down half off, but the price frenzy does not seem to affect Xining. Recently, the reporter on the city’s housing prices interview found that Xining housing prices did not fluctuate significantly, the purchase pressure is not reduced, many in the field to buy a sound and prices are still rising in Xining to see the real situation, linger.

, the reporter found that the national price surge wave after wave over the bailout policies frequent, the experts are Public opinions are divergent. some say is the housing bubble that will burst, some say just short of the downturn, so that buyers is not to buy, do not buy or not, even the number of the price of this "curing". There are various claims, get buyers wait-and-see mood is more concentrated in a dilemma. But the reporter visited some of the city’s public concern when the real estate found that these real estate prices, how should".

reporter interviewed some lots of real estate, located in the South West Region of Lido Xichuan Ziwei have started to stay, the housing price is 5500 yuan per square meter; located in the East District of mutual east sea bright daduhui as a landmark event in the region, has been in the identification chips in the average price of 4200 yuan per square metre; and in the downtown wells Lane central business district landmark Apart Hotel Central the average price was 8700 yuan per square metre to 8800 yuan; the Lake District Hengchang · Louvre mansion project within the decoration floor villa "Wang," price over a million.

according to the China Index Research Institute data show that in April Xining average price of 5741 yuan per square meter, a decline of 1.58%. According to the city’s real estate sector statistics, in April the average price of commercial housing in Xining 6126 yuan per square meter, of which commercial housing price of $4846 per square meter.

At the same time through the

reporter recent various sites about Xining housing prices, according to the Xining real estate information publishing, April Xining housing prices per square meter 5844 yuan, in the 100 National City Statistics ranked seventy-second, behind Guiyang and Zibo, before Jining and Lianyungang, according to the information released in March Xining city residential prices ranking, kylin Bay, limeng is · still, the International Village apartments in the top three, kylin bay to more than 10000 yuan per square meter price has two consecutive months ranked first.