National high level sports reserve talent base in the Qing inaugurated

September 29th, in a warm and festive atmosphere, the national high-level sports reserve talent base in Qinghai youth amateur sports school inaugurated. This is the highest honor awarded by the State Sports General Administration to the domestic amateur training units. Only five provinces in Northwest Shaanxi and Qinghai won the award.

"national high level sports reserve talent base" is the State Sports General Administration of the implementation of the National Olympic strategy of the reserve talents of the project, every 4 years after the end of the Olympic cycle assessment. On the hardware and software construction, personnel training ability to identify strict conditions. Among them, the level of personnel training as the main criteria.

Qinghai Province youth amateur sports school for many years for the national culture, conveying a large number of national champion. In just the end of the Twelfth National Games, Qinghai delegation Zhaijinduoyin cut yangshenjie, Cao Mojie, Ren Long Yun, for the school to train athletes. The same day, three of them were also invited to attend the opening ceremony at the scene, and said, is the Qinghai Province youth amateur sports school to train them, they do not look at the school well, will be more efforts to train hard, boarded a podium, a credit to your school. Also sincerely wish to have more "Shidishimei" to the world of sports from the top of the podium here.

it is understood, including Long Yun and Cao Mojie, cut yangshenjie, since 1993, Qinghai Province youth amateur sports school has to the national team and the Bayi team and sports and sports clubs such as one or two battalion transport athletes more than and 680 people, was admitted to the Beijing Sport University, Xi’an Physical Education University, Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai Institute of Physical Education Department of physical education, National University police officers in Qinghai, Career Technical College and more than 480 people, more than 536 people for the cultivation of physical education teachers in primary and middle schools. Transport team members, more than and 100 people were the title of national sports, there are up to the national level of athletes of the standard, there are up to 289 athletes of the national standard of two athletes in the world. In all kinds of competitions in the country, they have won 127 gold medals, silver medal, bronze medal, the gold medal in the provincial competition in the 326, 664, 232. (author: Meng Jun)