Rural transformation and upgrading of 300 thousand farmers benefit

According to the national network of Qinghai provincial power company news, in 2015 the province invested 3 billion 325 million yuan of funds to upgrade rural power, started construction of 780 rural upgrading projects, effectively improve the rural power customer’s quality of life, the province’s 33 counties, a total of 300 thousand rural residents directly benefit.

East Sea city, Ledu District, Luo Gan Township, village, is the province’s first batch of rural power network in 2015 to upgrade the project to benefit one of the villages, the implementation of the rural power network upgrade project for the transformation of the village 43 km line. Zhao Yongzhong, a villager, said: "since the new lines and transformers have been set up, our voltage has become more and more reliable. When we use household appliances, we need not worry about the problem of low voltage and capacity!"

according to the Development Department of the national network of Qinghai provincial power company, the province in 2015 the first batch of rural reconstruction engineering total issued 494 projects, completed and put into operation 481 years, total new construction and renovation of 10 thousand volt low voltage line line 1835 kilometers, 3484 kilometers, the transformation of low voltage Taiwan area 1468. At the same time, the 2015 new rural power projects 286 projects have been started, plans completed at the end of June 2016. State Grid Qinghai electric power will strengthen the organization and coordination, to ensure that agricultural production and living conditions of farmers electricity, completed and put into operation on schedule.

in recent years, with the new rural construction in our province and the implementation of unified planning, government reconstruction project and other factors, the rural electricity demand is increasing and the safety problems caused by the real line and the tree line of contradictions have become increasingly prominent. In order to enhance the power supply capacity of rural power distribution network, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the power supply line, to better meet the power supply in the rural economic development, the national network of Qinghai provincial power company carefully deployed, multi sectoral linkage, to promote the upgrading of rural power project.