Cogeneration to build the largest central heating area in Xining

project profile

cogeneration refers to the power plant to produce electricity, but also the use of steam turbine generator to generate steam for the user heating production, is the production of electric energy and heat of the advanced process. Huaneng Xining power plant and the lake district heating network project is a key construction project of energy in our province, is also the focus of Xining city municipal engineering projects, including heat source (power plant) two and heating network, two completed four units 350 thousand kilowatts. After nearly 3 years of efforts, Huaneng Xining thermal power plant pre feasibility study report was approved by the national energy board in September 2010. In April 2011, the first phase of the project investment of 3 billion 980 million yuan of Huaneng Xining power plant and the lake district heating network project officially opened, power plant construction of a 2×350 MW power online group, supporting the construction of the lake district heating network project, is expected in October 2014 completed and put into production.

project significance

development of central heating projects in line with China’s basic national policy. After the commissioning of the project, will replace the previous small heating boilers, central heating to provide sea lake district area of 16 million square meters, in the Lake District infrastructure and improve the city function and reduce urban carbon emissions, reduce environmental pollution in city. In addition, as an important measure of energy saving and emission reduction and development of circular economy, this project to alleviate the winter natural gas supply pressure, provide strong support for the province’s power supply and power supply structure adjustment.

field information

this winter, cogeneration project settled in the new Lake District ushered in the first heating season.

October 15th, the Grand Theater, Museum of science and technology, underground civil air defense projects to realize the centralized heating by a temporary boiler room; in October 22nd, the city of Xining Sea Lake District, An Tai District Mandarin area a number of residential areas and public facilities such as sports center, a total of 630 thousand square meters to realize centralized heating. In October 25th, 390 thousand square meters of Xigang District heating network life after the transformation start heating. Deputy general manager of Huaneng Xining Thermal Power Co. Ltd. chapter Yan said: "this year the heating season, we run the two ignition of gas-fired boiler, third boilers have been completed ignition debugging, realize the centralized heating area of 1 million 40 thousand square meters. From the operation of the more than and 10 days of the situation, the operation of the equipment, we ensure that the residents of the home temperature of not less than 16 degrees celsius. According to the actual operation of 3 gas-fired boiler after commissioning, we already have more than 3 million square meters of heating capacity, far beyond the actual heating demand. Therefore, although the fourth boilers have been transported to the factory, but we plan to install this year after the end of the heating season."

since April last year, Huaneng Xining thermal power plant and sea lake district heating pipe network project phase I project started, Xining thermal power plant project has access to access systems, land pre;