Detailed site optimization Shanghai Longfeng five common mistakes

Shanghai dragon is the need to do the planning and arrangements in advance, not after the site on the line and then optimize the line after the adjustment is more trouble, if forced to change some problems that may affect the situation as a whole, so there should be a reasonable arrangement for the website of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix in the construction site before 1, careful analysis which industries to find their own service to the spot, also is the characteristic of the website, so we know he can solve the needs of users, so as to have a group of loyal users and fans. 2, according to the website of the industry after screening a large number of keywords to pave the way for. 3, from the keywords have been screened out in the industry to provide services in the web site keywords, not more than 3 to 4, title, keywords, description website writing, writing this article three is a must to do on-line site before, officially launched after is not changed, in order to avoid fluctuations on the site.

3, do not pay attention to the construction of internal links

chain optimization is one of the important links in the station optimization, the chain structure can make good search engine as much as possible crawling pages, reasonable inside chain can also help web site keywords ranking. For example, 1, can be formed around the keyword list page through the relevant keywords, this aggregation list page because there are many high quality content as the basis so keyword list page ranking is generally better than single page effect. 2, site navigation must be scientific and humane, general site navigation traffic will be very high, so the site navigation settings must meet the user’s.

Shanghai dragon Er personnel timely attention to the web site data changes through the website can see the latest web site data collection, flow, keywords ranking, weight and other data, such as keyword ranking, 8 at night and day 9 point -11 point -18 data is not the same, may do during the day when not in the optimization of key words the first page, but when the night watch has been ranked to the first page, and the location is good, and the financing small more than once encountered such a problem. All the changes can be observed through the data, so the data must be timely tracking site changes, so as to deal with.

1, website construction before analysis industry, do Shanghai Longfeng planning

first started to contact the Shanghai dragon this line a lot of people will feel very difficult, Xiao Bian also start from zero up step by step, some people often mistake small are all experienced again, in order to let the couple can avoid such mistakes today often encountered a special share website optimization Shanghai dragon in the process of error.

if there is no experience of Shanghai dragon new color can also find a good site than to do as competitors in the same industry, analyzes its website data continuously, and then the goal of continuous study and beyond, such effect will be much better than none.


2, without a careful analysis of the website data