How to determine whether a site link exchange right down

by the quality of the external links can be seen that a station is good or bad, I simply describe it: you said your own website, that is not good; people say that your site is good, then you’re really cattle B.


update siteThe

, can increase the weight of your site, your ranking is stable. But the difference of the link, we call it spam links, these links will reduce the quality of the website chain. He will bring a certain amount of short ranking, but as long as a love Shanghai algorithm update, this station often is the first to be hit.

is not a long time to write the article, how to write a little rusty, not easily, change several times! Since it seems to still have to blog to stick to it, can not always reproduced

love refers to love Shanghai Shanghai included in the search box site:url out of the results, of course, there is a love Shanghai official index tool, the data is the authority by adding love Shanghai statistical code, wait a day, you can know your website is love Shanghai index much; but Shanghai Longfeng most controversial of the two data, 100 page index is not equal to love Shanghai released a 100 page, and just put the data in the index inside the database, such as the Shanghai love a good mood, maybe will put out. So in my opinion, site is still the most data has a reference value of the factors.

each other if the exchange links are very high quality links, so the station is also excellent. On the contrary, the station will also refuse.

a lot of people say the PR value is not important, is it really? As everyone knows, until now, to determine the weight of the website, the official authority recognized as long as the noble baby pr. Love Shanghai for links are required to change above PR6 station! Like the so-called love Shanghai weight, this can only be used as a reference to judge the quality of site factors, factors but is not absolutely the most valuable.



also said here is a little bit of love, when love inside the Shanghai Shanghai statistical index tool zero time, don’t think, your site is down right. This is generally not let outsiders know, only Adsense I know, so we must according to the "Shanghai love weights" to determine whether a site is down right;

3, the quality of the chain pr

recently changed the link found a problem, there are many seemingly included good station, is already down the right, then how to avoid our right to stand down? I will analyze several factors of general website:

factor is judged according to the status of the site !

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2, love Shanghai included

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