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8. love Shanghai web search problem for webmasters to submit the complaintA

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! algorithm to optimize the weights?

1, 404 pages:



classification of the salon communication problems:

ranked 5. original content

site is cheating

2, the issue of timeliness

2. ranking and weight problem

Lee: if this is not done, the search team will try to improve this aspect of the experience, will go through some form of tool, such as a simple protocol, to improve the experience, to achieve the timely update of the page.

Lee: there is no fixed time, according to the website and the channel update frequency, to determine the time do not delete, or non as chain page, try not to use the 404 return code, I hope as soon as possible with 503 return code, so that spider can better identify.

Q: the timeliness of the collection of love Shanghai is a win-win for love and Shanghai station, but major events held annually on the (with Jin Zhongjie), at a fixed time whether this kind of event or

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4. Webmaster Platform tools – safety testing tool

3. Webmaster Platform tool – chain tool using

Q: when we change after 404, Shanghai love will be long intervals identified? And the need to identify several times will be deleted? Do not yet for some web pages may be temporarily set to 404 pages, soon after the page recovery, but these topics are part of the page soon you can restore, and some will need a long time to be included, so there is a big news event, will be included in the major thematic tense situation.

October 26th, jointly organized by the Shanghai Webmaster Platform and MADcon love love Shanghai Shanghai dragon club first Webmaster Platform high-end salon ended. Participate in the salon industry veteran Shanghai dragon ER and love Shanghai web search a number of senior person in charge of security topics around the free exchange of Webmaster Platform, web search and web sites in a relaxed atmosphere. The site is responsible for people provided a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions, "Shanghai love search team also owners generally reflect the problem one by one to answer.

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7. love Shanghai web search foreign chain view

is the salon exchanges, sharing

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