Love Shanghai webmaster chain query tool application


we can see from above, the link when a competitor’s site most of the domain name from admin5贵族宝贝, a total of 107, which is of course the station administrator often in the Admin5 post, the top post, there are some from other websites, their friends can check their own website, and these data are you can download and facilitate the download after careful study. The same query wrecker no chain data, because the new station did not send any chain.

love Shanghai webmaster query tool chain can query their own website, you can also query the competitor’s website

The anchor text

we love Shanghai open chain webmaster query tool web site: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/inbound/index, in the input of the corresponding URL in the box, the chain will be the site at a glance. The following figure:


ZAC has repeatedly in his blog and interviews suggest that we use the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query function. Here we give an example to talk about what are the characteristics of this tool, how to use

in the collection of competitors outside the chain of data, you can find yourself in the future construction site outside of the chain, the chain size and determine a period of time to reach the site, is in the chain can not only analyze the strength of competitors, and the chain is a very important source, because the chain of these the distribution appears to be effective in love Shanghai, there is a certain weight, to improve their website weight and ranking is very important.

love Shanghai station chain query tool can check of the chainWe just click on the chain

right shows the link name is the anchor text, you can clearly see the point of each link of the anchor text, it also provides the download function, so you can see this.

we have a new site, this station belongs to the small business website wrecker industry, in addition to the original content updated a number, we have to seek the high quality chain construction, we should use the love Shanghai station chain query tool some competitors outside the chain of distribution to below. Find the chain source for your web site, determine the chain stage goal. At the same time also introduced the characteristics and use of this tool to everybody.


query to the admin5贵族宝贝, such as this one, immediately there will be a further chain link to the anchor text, the website below:

it is well known that the website in addition to innovation in the content construction, the construction of the chain is also very important, but how to make our website chain increases smoothly, to what place to increase the chain chain, which appears to be effective in Shanghai? This is very concerned about the problem from many webmaster.