The future direction of nternet start upsBut profit of difficult reflecting the guest behind Betta

Ma Yun has recently acquired the cultural China and China media, the acquisition of cultural China is on behalf of the Alibaba with HK $6 billion 244 million acquisition of 60% stake in the acquisition of cultural Chinese, China media is the name of the two common control with Ma Yun and Shi Yuzhu Yunxi holding 20% to 6 billion 507 million yuan acquisition of China media shares. Both companies are cultural companies, and two deals are over 6 billion.

reflects a profit of only one million yuan a year,

of course, the Internet has many ways of entrepreneurship, you do not have to choose small recommendation, as long as suitable for you, suitable for future development requirements, is the best direction of entrepreneurship.

and O2O projects are similar, broadcast industry is also moving in the direction of development for market share to burn money, broadcast platform signed star anchor, and high input bandwidth costs, making up the largest outlet for capital in 2016. Above the wind, live platform chaos, in addition to the quality of the anchor good and bad, the phenomenon of data fraud is also very serious. After a room to watch the number of fish was more than 1 billion 300 million people, and reflecting off the "black screen" event in the prosperity of this industry built on a solid basis.

said that 2014 is the first year of Internet entrepreneurship, but how entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship direction is what today Xiaobian and talk about the future of the Internet entrepreneurial direction.

coincided with the capital outlet Mobile Live platform reflects, even by shareholders selling cash. The day before, reflecting off the hands of Kunlun wanwei announced shareholder holds 3% stake, smooth cash of about 200 million yuan.

times weekly special correspondent Lu Yifu from Guangzhou

September 21st, reflecting the audience, investors A shares listed company Kunlun world wide 300418 announcement, the company intends to sell 3% of the shares of the bid, the price of 210 million yuan, followed by the parties to the optical credit capital. According to the transaction price, the valuation has reached 7 billion yuan.

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We all know that

investors and entrepreneurs seems to have become one of the two grasshopper ropes. Anonymity of institutional investors to the weekly Times reporter said, in the fierce market competition, many investors will be allowed to broadcast platform to exaggerate the real data, but the premise is that not too far from the actual situation. "For investors, the live platform can exaggerate the value of valuations and active users, but that doesn’t affect our investment and earnings."


have you ever wondered why Ma and Shi Yuzhu have to spend so much money holding two cultural companies?

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if it were not for the sale of shares by shareholders, the financial situation of the clients was exposed, but I am afraid the outside world is still unable to spy on how deep the water is on the live platform.

in fact, the problem of profitability has been accompanied by the development of the direct seeding industry. The business model relying solely on reward sharing is too single, and it is difficult to offset the bandwidth and the cost of signing live broadcast. However, reflecting the guests start, but there is no shortage of money to live on the industry chain link, net red, brokers and provide bandwidth business as platform company, have become the biggest beneficiaries of the bubble live.


is a production and sales in the form of a relatively independent of the cultural products of the industry such as the production and sale of books, newspapers, television, audio and video products and other industries; two is in the form of services and cultural services industries such as drama and dance performances, sports, entertainment, planning, brokerage, etc.; three is to provide cultural value-added industries to other industries and commodities such as decoration, decoration, cultural tourism image design, etc..

in January 4th this year, the Kunlun world wide to the "guest APP" the main operator, Beijing honey dock network division

cultural industries can be basically divided into three categories:

however, the announcement also showed that in 2015, the total income of customers was 30 million 483 thousand and 600 yuan, and the net profit was 1 million 672 thousand and 800 yuan. Although this year’s net profit is not as deep as the north of a house, but reflects customers has been one of the few can achieve profitable live platform. At present there are more than 200 live software fighting in the Red Sea market back the tide, can swim ashore the survivors will be very few.

may still have people who are not clear about what the cultural industry includes, the sh419 encyclopedia explains: "

finally remind everyone in the Internet business at the same time, do not forget the impact of the mobile Internet, your Internet business projects at most PC and mobile terminals can take into account.

the air behind the fire broadcast platform: profit of difficult


, these are two big brothers who give us directions, and tell us that the future of the cultural industry will flourish, we are about to usher in the era of cultural industries. In other words, our future direction of entrepreneurship can be based on cultural industries.