Let the user experience Optimization site navigation articles fly for a while

when we divide the navigation content after the operation is completed, the next will be to set a series of optimization. First, let’s talk about the main navigation, the main navigation is also known as the site of the menu bar, its core meaning is summarized the total content, put all related articles into specific sections, so that the user can carry out the purpose with the navigation and browsing.

solution: the main navigation is a site map, is to tell the main contents of web user directory, then we divide the navigation content, first need to know what the user needs to enter the site, whether the site can put focus on the content of the show in front of users, the main contents of the text can generalize site navigation. At the same time, when you are a user, through the analysis of their content navigation can get information from what, it is very necessary to understand, and then according to the needs of users and to the type of site navigation content segmentation, and the core of precision. So the site navigation is divided to allow users the most satisfied.

front access speed report. Today I would then let the user experience setting and optimizing site navigation fly for a while. Optimization of navigation has become increasingly the focus of webmasters, and according to the optimization guidelines for the use of text navigation is better than using pictures or FLASH, JS code, the optimization effect is much more. But for the navigation just using a text to appear is not enough, after all, optimization of navigation in the settings are good with the keywords ranking are closely related, but also with user experience shadow points. So how to do navigation optimization settings to improve the user experience? The following steps together to explore.

content Optimization of The basic factors on the user experience:


site navigation is equivalent to the book catalog page, so we can quickly included in the book of the contents have a general understanding. The same site navigation in the article is true. A website can let users understand the first time the website main content, which depends mainly on site navigation, although a size is 30PX but high section, but its influence can not be ignored. In general, some webmaster to do keyword ranking, the words all piled up to the column that navigation, I have seen some weight loss website navigation, around are so few, and some very does not have the nature of the content for navigation also used for navigation text. For example, what the best diet pills, diet pills where to sell such phrases is really suitable for navigation text? I don’t think so, because of this feeling first give users the navigation text is naked for the popularization and promotion, and the standard type of navigation should be phrases or idioms, rather than a phrase. Although from the optimization perspective, this text to navigate these words can quickly enhance the ranking, but to improve the user experience is not friendly.

Divide the

main navigation