On site in the search engine rules of survival


website is to rely on the server to normal operation and access. We can imagine if your server for three days in a small, five days a large pumping, so the search engine will be friendly to our website? Although the server is a large expenditure of website construction, especially now as grassroots webmaster innumerable times, may not have too much money to choose a separate server. But even choose the cheaper virtual host, also to clarify the situation to buy. Affect the stability of the server of the site is very large, if the spider to your site server, smoke, in the course of time will be search engine K.

The occurrence of the

rule four: optimization to

rule three: no cheating

rule two: clear topic

rule: a server to

this I appreciate most, first in the optimization whether inside or outside the station, my links are pointing to the web page, and the number of links is also a lot of. The final result website first >


cheating for beginners may be more for the Shanghai Dragon Master worship, can use a variety of methods to make their own web site in the search engine is fast and good ranking. But we don’t cheat or take the risk, once do not confirm the consequence is very serious, light is K home page in the sandbox, while direct K off the station. As in love Shanghai, as is the "Inaction" is good, everything will have good rankings in nature. This is a lot of stationmaster including the conclusion, because the love Shanghai algorithm will often change, which doomed some aggressive behavior must be aware of the love of Shanghai. So, or let it be.

website set up will set the title, keywords, description. We in the usual maintenance not only pay attention to the original, but also pay attention to the site and to be relevant. Although the original spider can get the favor, there will be conducive to the website in search engine ranking, but if a relationship between the content and the website title keyword search engine spiders found sites are not bound to the site of some punishment. The first rule is to reflect the effect of search engine spiders crawling, direct impact here is the spider crawling. So, in time to update the website not to ignore the relevance of the website quality.

search engine to the website has a sense of belonging, remember the first time to enter the Internet, the website also enter the URL in the address bar, and the site can not have any mistakes or a page cannot be displayed. Now the search engine has become many webmaster work, to continue to enhance their own site in the search engine rankings. Our website is to others, bring into the flow to achieve the benefits. Our site is how in the increasingly fierce competition in the search engine to better survive, I take myself to see the tragic history of the search engine rules of survival.