Link building plans to end June

      here the author introduces several methods to create a new content of assets: 1, focus on customer problems. Subdivision and discussion from the first month of the start up of the link building market, to help build a theme type and the content of the picture; 2, find the real.

promotion and effective

      your assets, now is the market leader, but certainly there is a competitor before it, you want to get these links, link research tools using your favorite, you need to track all the links and find direct opportunities, and you have the opportunity to get some introduction. For example, for the same type from the site to the different types of links to web resources. Note that by others positive and negative examples, so that we can effectively adjust our approach.

      published content in the 3 months of the blog, which is tailored to a specific niche market tailored link building, now, we need to promote and find some new resources, this process does not need to consider too many details, but basically the need for some of the following processes: determine the number of links (for the construction of the corresponding new areas, new theme to create a new link building channels.) Screening and evaluation of related links for construction; and proposed research prospects; writing theme planning; promote publishing.

      April: expand the rich resources of

      May: content analysis of

      secondly, content and effect analysis

      combined with the third month program, webmaster friends established some better resources in the world, so in fourth months to these resources will be widely used in the implementation process, we usually separate the publicity and promotion of the blog, such as some owners love to talk about a webmaster a new topic, talking about the process include a link to your website link.

      the first competitor analysis

      the previous article, the author through the establishment of "link 6 month plan," NO.1 "link building plan in March two" interesting and busy article and share links to 6 months of construction plan, to continue in this article for three months to introduce behind the link building.

      summary of last month’s work is to promote the content of assets in this month’s blog, in order to promote the permanent contact and report resource page, a real consolidation of authoritative resources assets.