Master of the Shanghai dragon wins right three law

: first with the right keywords.


write articles often become a major problem in Shanghai dragon Er, many Shanghai dragon ER may itself read.

(1) do not see the index to choose. Some Shanghai dragon Er too love Shanghai index deified, they often think of a word, love Shanghai index is higher, make up can get more traffic, in fact these are one-sided. There are many words are actually out of a "high index, no flow state, such as the word" slimming ":

The first step of


Shanghai dragon is a competition in the Internet without smoke eye battle, the battle for the site’s ranking and flow, and the winner is the loser, you can get the final victory of the flow and the home page ranking. Shanghai dragon in this battle, you are a winner or a loser?

The word "

Shanghai dragon this battle we need to grasp the initiative in order to win, we must be fully prepared before a battle. The author believes that to truly master the Shanghai dragon battle wins right, we must use the "three" Law: the right keywords, there is plenty of articles, the chain has reliable.

Shanghai dragon, is the most basic step is to choose keywords and keywords. The choice of keywords in certain Shanghai dragon eyes is very simple, some of them will be good in order to complete the task, not to choose some index did not flow, some may be ambitious, choose some do not meet their own conditions of difficult words, in fact it is wrong. An accurate keywords, to comply with the existing flow, and not beyond their own conditions, so choose a correct keywords to do:

" attention, also is the love of Shanghai index is terrible, but you just think, a real people who want to lose weight will only search "lose weight" this word? NO, they will choose more "how to lose weight", "the most effective way of losing weight" word, although the word index no, but really do bring traffic is infinite, therefore, can not blindly follow the Shanghai index to choose love.

second: plenty of articles.

(2) is not simply a keyword optimization. A lot of Shanghai Er are thought to love the dragon in a keyword, the keyword as all website traffic, and other key words ignored, resulting in two results: 1, over 2, up hard to do optimization, it is found that the flow is not ideal. Therefore, the selection and determination of key words when going to target wider and wider, don’t forget to optimize a keyword, to learn how to do the accumulation, which is more keywords to optimize, can let the flow get a qualitative leap.