Calm face website ranking drop to find their own reasons

also has an external factor, is the server stability and speed. The normal operation of the server is the key to ensure the normal, stable website. It can be said that the site is most afraid of is the server is not stable. The server is not stable, may cause the website does not open or open slowly, which will affect the site ranking. Here we do not recommend multiple web sites using a server, avoid service be right down, all the sites implicated. Open slowly when the website or other websites with the server is K, to replace the server in a timely manner.

keyword rankings will directly affect the site’s ranking, as a professional Shanghai dragon, face due to changes in the search engine algorithm, calm face keywords ranking drop, here to talk about the self-test method I frequently used:

to do the most is the keyword optimization uproar rose up, most worried about is in addition to K station, keywords ranking is snap off. Before a ranking, maintenance for more than 2 months, finally a number of words of the rankings are up, but fell in love with the sea big update, ranking No. I feel like everyone else, but I told myself to be calm, then the self check is what causes the decline in ranking.

then check the website of the friends of the chain, the chain is not some love Shanghai station was punished, if yes, to inform friends being removed, die die. Then is the content of the website is not updated problems, such as the poor quality of the article, the article content is not suitable. Also check the website optimization is not excessive, such as chain, label use, keywords accumulated suspicion and so on. Because love Shanghai is constantly updated, more and more many optimization methods, sometimes even is the key reason for your keywords ranking drop.

keyword ranking dropped first to see whether most of the sites are so many, if so, then you can look a little music, the original bad is not my one! Why should look at other sites, because there may be floating reason love Shanghai adjustment, not settled. After two days will naturally good, but such things while there, but we’d better find from their own reasons.


when it comes to the inspection site, the first to see that you recently is not changed if you change the website, website, float is normal, especially the relatively large changes the situation, then you wait for it to update the content, I believe in just a few days will come out.

I said at the beginning I stand in the big fall, here can tell you why I find the first love of Shanghai update reason, no stable so that the floating keyword is relatively large, 2 days after the recovery in addition to a special optimization word. The second reason is that the site title is very clever unfortunately before love Shanghai update just the day change, change is not big. But time is not the time. The third is likely to be in love with the sea interpretation over optimization, is not the whole point, is a "