Talk about how high traffic web mining long tail keywords

high flow the long tail word has a common characteristic, multi connected with the interrogative words spoken. Most of the time we will find that the long tail word with doubt vocabulary compared with the long tail word click rate is relatively high, and the ranking is also good. Perhaps it is because the language attribute Chinese, the author of this kind of Dennis joined the long tail word always doubt vocabulary web traffic to become the mainstream of this phenomenon, especially in the medical station is more obvious.

sites for high flow the long tail word mining form, but the current network situation and combined with the long tail word love marine its marketing value is relatively high. Combined with the high quality soft sell such long tail word, the website will usher in more traffic.

from Shanghai to get love encyclopedia industry vocabulary can not directly add to the long tail in our lexicon, but to carry out deep processing. For example, adding regional vocabulary, according to the Shanghai index to love were screened from the 661 city in the country to find a relatively high index of lexical reorganization, so we can get the network traffic in different regions. Of course, to achieve exchange is also indispensable in the recommendation of the long tail word area.

mining high traffic site long tail words, we do not need to use the network software tools, because too many people, and the mechanization of acquisition often big loopholes, not conducive to the promotion of the website. The long tail word we have to do is to have the authority, so that users can intuitively recognized, can solve the user’s main demand. Usually at this point, we think should be the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. Love Shanghai encyclopedia as users authorized database, get the words the user is often the most attention, and from which extends the long tail word will also get the user’s attention.

There are many We set the long tail word is often not the main keywords bring traffic to the site of the

mining site for long term, I believe that most Shanghai dragon Er also analysis the long tail word competition or from the bidding advertising to pursue, but the author Dennis to tell you is that this way has been OUT. Keywords this layout even make up, it will not necessarily bring much traffic to the site. Imagine the user has already disaster caused by flooding water, produce visual fatigue, how do you want to guide the user clicks on the

Another way to

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the long tail word restructuring is reprocessed with industry products, is also the Encyclopedia of collected words in this industry product of word combination, so joined the long tail word industry specific attributes can not only bring traffic or improve the conversion rate of front.


but by its come out. As everyone knows, is the long tail word brought to the site most of the flow of hero, and this is not meant to be the long tail word can bring traffic to a site. So how to mining the long tail word that bring high traffic to the site, and the author Dennis together to discuss today’s website promotion project