Guess love Shanghai to share the possible impact on the website ranking love Shanghai


September 6th Shanghai love sharing platform officially open registration, almost is the day I put two sites which own the sharing tools into the love of Shanghai. This is before the traffic statistics code in these two sites have been replaced by a love of Shanghai. A search engine optimization master mentioned in his Shanghai dragon book, use love sea webmaster system that is positively related to the site in the rankings should fall in love with the sea, that is to say, the website use love Shanghai webmaster tools, or have no effect on the site, or there is a good effect. So, love Shanghai to share this tool and how to

in addition to love Shanghai, estimated nobody knows the SEO master’s words are correct, we can only think he said there is some truth. For the love of Shanghai sharing tools, firstly, compared with other social sharing buttons, love Shanghai provides services is basically the same, or we have reason to believe that it provides better service, after all its technology power there, although reflected in this simple technique is not so obvious.

in this regard, individuals have the following speculation:

before the love of Shanghai share, there are a lot of social sharing buttons common, there are many websites with their own share of tools, such as some video website. Along with the social services and increase the share button to Internet users share the upsurge of enthusiasm, a new concept of SMO Social Media Optimization called also fired up. In fact, sharing and collection to a website, can bring flow, also can increase the chain, which is why it causes rapid burning. Now, just open a decent website, basically have the relevant button prompts users to share or collection. For example, there is a lot of people log on renren贵族宝贝, probably for some video album like to see their friends to share. While Youku potatoes and other site estimates must also admit that every little, renren贵族宝贝 to bring their own traffic is not high. This article is to explore the Shanghai today I love sharing tools, so these words to share button related content to do some popularity. Let’s get to the point:


also a little, for different levels of the website, access.

sharing tools can reflect a web content to a great extent value. For example, the number of shared, we have reason to believe that the content of it is good, no one to share, the value of its content will be suspected. If people from the point of view, analysis of whether there is a value of a site, there may be more than it is to share how many times from the view. But for the machine, perhaps no better than this index to verify the content of a web site level. So, is it possible? When the same two sites keywords are installed love Shanghai love sharing tools, whether Shanghai will give better ranking of the number of sites to be shared?