Talk is often mentioned in the communication of Shanghai and a smattering of customer problems in Ph

will have the problem of customers in addition to the optimization of a smattering of, also for the optimization of some doubts, doubts whether the optimization can bring benefits, often for optimization are try holding the attitude of the. And this is precisely reflects the optimization phase of a sick in the market. That is a lot for the optimization of a smattering of people that only optimize the rankings will be able to benefit. We need a clear understanding of the Shanghai dragon and then how is just a part of search engine marketing. By the optimization ranking can indeed help you get to.

#1: can you help me to achieve fast home

as a member of the industry engaged in optimization, I think every optimization are same and I think, in the shortest time to help customers get what they want ranking. But instead, running a project like Shanghai dragon is brewing a bottle of wine, often good material and specification of the tedious work is still not enough, also need settling time. If we speak often will be counterproductive. We know that there are many factors that determine an optimal length of time of project, key factors, length of time of the site itself the intensity of competition and so will affect the project. Some in Shanghai see what a dragon or 48 hours on the front page "ads that Shanghai dragon. Admittedly, Shanghai dragon does exist shortcut, is the so-called black hat techniques. To obtain this kind of technology is often short-lived, when the site was found in the search engine cheating, will be a long-term negative impact on the site. Optimize the staff as a responsible person we have to deal with this kind of cheating to sniff at.

if I encountered a problem with customers, the author will give the first of Shanghai Longfeng a smattering of customers in-depth education. When customers have a certain understanding for Shanghai Longfeng time required, the author will put forward the optimization of the project to the customer an estimate of the time period. Some general competition moderate words we will give two optimization period three months. If the user time for ranking higher requirements, we will recommend users to try bidding advertising at.


#2: you do optimization ranking can bring us much benefits

as an optimization personnel, I think everyone has their own orders experience. Accustomed to dealing with the search engine and we will inevitably encounter various different types of customers. If customers know our optimization, then communication will be very smooth, if your customers in Shanghai Longfeng a smattering of customers, then you need to communicate in the next time. If poor communication lost customers or users are not satisfied with the work and are likely to appear. Then the author will briefly summarize the author in the Shanghai dragon and a smattering of other people often mentioned problems in communication.